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Thread: 3.2 pally changes and suggested gear

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    3.2 pally changes and suggested gear

    with the changes to BV, dodge, shield of ritiousness, and the new ardent defender, what are the caps to shoot for, blizz says the new abilty gets better with more defence, but how much better? what %ages do you shoot for on dodge and parry, at what point does the BV take to heavy losses to do anything and when is the damage from the shield capped?

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    Near the bottom of that page is Thecks work on threat form different stats. It shows one with the relative value of Block as you approach the cap.

    It terms of defensive stats. AD only stacks up to 540 Def, at 540 it is at full strength and will restore the full 30%, less the 540% it will restore less. Dodge is still a better stat then parry due to the heavy DR on parry, however parry isn’t completely useless anymore.

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