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Thread: Another 3.2 DK Tanking Thread

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    Another 3.2 DK Tanking Thread

    I only post a new thread because I'd hate to barge in to someone elses to ask about my own spec. Although I started Wrath tanking Unholy and eventually moved to Frost. I'm now looking at Blood as I delve deeper in to Ulduar.

    Making a hasty decision to get tanking heroics on patch launch day I chose to spec myself as such: 53/5/13

    I'm still getting used to Blood tanking and aoe threat seems to be a pain but really I'm more focused on determining if this is a viable spec for raiding, if there's any tweaking that I should do (as in I missed some talents that are practically required for Blood), or whether or not Frost is worth sticking to for Ulduar MTing.

    Although Armory is a bit foobar still it may be worth checking out anyways: Armor Link

    I'm curious on people's thoughts for gem priority. It may not show it yet but I'm currently at 35 Expertise and 445 Defense. I'm somewhere over 30k+ unbuffed for health (with Frost Presense). My hit is still a little low but a few gear changes with badges and I should be back at the cap. Unfortunately not being able to rely on the JC gems for those non blue sockets I am trying to decide on fillers.

    Since I probably don't need anymore expertise and I shouldn't need any hit gems I was going to go with str/stam for red sockets and def/stam for yellow. But if it's worth just slapping the epic stam gems in every socket now except for 1 to keep the meta bonus then perhaps that's what I should do.

    Thank You

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    can you reliably count on someone else to provide improved icy touch / thunderclap / infected wounds / whatever the pally version is? If not, you need to place 3 points in imp IT.

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    I'd recommend forgetting Butchery (the proc will be rare, and the tick is minor), and Scent of Blood. The extra RP is not that great as a Blood tank since it will just translate into more DC's you want to slip into rotation (which won't be easy with too many). Unless you really want to play up DC threat, like glyphing it, I think those points could be better spent elsewhere.

    Ravenous Dead is nice and all, but I'd also drop that in favor of buffing something terribly important to Blood: Dark Conviction and Bloody Vengeance. Dark Conviction is a nice buff, not amazing, but Bloody Vengeance will provide a rather reliable +9% to your threat, give or take, especially if you finish off Subversion.

    Otherwise, listen to Geros. Unless you have a plan with your group to get the full de-haste buff, those 3 points could be one of your biggest survival talents.
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    Thank you both for the suggestions thus far.

    I did somehow overlooked Imp Icy Touch. Our OT is always a warrior (RL friend of mine) when raiding so I probably assumed when building the spec that I'd have TClap up.

    Being frost so long I was used to blowing through RP so I took all the RP gaining talents I could, however after a day with Blood I have noticed the RP being pretty useless to me and I'm always maxed. (I'm sure macro-ing Death Coil to one of my main attacks like Heart Strike or Rune Strike could work towards helping me dump the RP and adding threat)

    I'm still getting used to Blood (I've specced it for PVP so I have a small grasp on it, but I've never tanked with it until yesterday). Taking in the suggestions though I can definately see now why people take certain talents when going Blood.

    With these changes in mind, I'm now looking at something more lik 55/8/7 with 1 point floating. I'd consider putting it in Subversion for the extra crit but I'm not too sure.

    I'm still learning to pull as Blood but in any spec I've almost never really relied on Death and Decay as much as people claim it to be so useful. I find putting 3 runes on cooldown, especially as Blood, isn't worth the trouble when I could spent them on 3 Blood Boils (with Death Rune Mastery kicked in) or Heart Strikes. I can see it being useful as an opener, but since I've gone Blood I've been putting effort towards ending most fights with full Death Runes when I can so I can easily start the next pull with blood boil or heart strike (depending on pack).

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