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Thread: new to druid tanking

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    new to druid tanking

    hi ive been trying to tank with my druid for 5 days now and im having huge problems with threat, and constantly having to taunt mobs off the dps. i was wondering if any1 knows why im causing so little threat?
    my gear and spec is on Warcrafter ,koing /eu /nordrassil

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    It's been a while since I've been into Druid tanking with my main character, but this is probably the best I could figure out with druid tanking.

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    Can't see your gear since you logged out in Resto gear last time, so I cannot give advice there. Looking at spec and glyphs I would say to consider the following:

    drop Shredding attacks for Primal Precision unless you are expertise capped.
    drop the single points in King of the Jungle (should not be using enrage for extra damage unless you are very confident in your mitigation) and in Infected wounds and pick up an extra point in Naturalist (another 2% more damage) and pick up Omen of Clarity as well. the procs will help you Maul more often without rage starving yourself.

    Assuming you are running mostly Heroics, drop Glyph of Berserk for Glyph of Maul. Hitting 2 targets on Maul all the time will be more valuable than 5 extra seconds of Berserk every 3 minutes.

    From a rotation standpoint, make sure Maul is alway queued (unless rage starved for some reason), open with Feral Faerie fire/Mangle and make sure you keep FFF in your rotation. I find that with just FF, swipe, maul and the occasional Mangle I have little trouble holding threat even with reasonably heavy aoe dps.

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    Well, I have been tanking for some time now, however I would like advise on building threat faster or on a more effective way.

    My build is the following (I need to change the talent points on Improved GOTW somewhere else, like King of the Jungle or Infected Wounds):

    Dalār Feral Druid Tank Spec:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Single target:
    Starting with 10 Rage when Shapeshifting and Enrage (I am good with mitigation atm so I can pull while having the Enrage debuff, unless I know the boss hits very hard).

    Right now I am pulling with Faerie Fire (Feral) and immediately queuing Maul. After that I stack Lacerate x2 and Mangle, queuing Maul again, then Swipe. After Swipe, I stack 2 more Lacerate so now is Lacerate x4 and queuing Maul again, then just stacking the last Lacerate. After that just keeping up Lacerate x5, Mangle, and Maul queued all the time (or at least the most I can) and Swiping.

    Not sure if I am doing good rage-wise. Currently I am not having threat problems unless the DPS are making threat like crazy, and that just needs a Growl to build up some again, just would like to improve

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    Here's my bear spec, doesn't differ greatly from yours outside master shapeshifter, imp mangle & kotj. You're also still in resto gear so I can't check your tank set.

    The main thing I would emphasize is glyphing Maul, and using Maul as much as rage will allow, as mentioned above. On aoe pulls I barely bother to mangle, let alone lacerate. I find it's not needed if you're (mindlessly) spamming swipe & queueing Maul every time. The new changes to enrage make it so much more useful in rage starved situations so don't be afraid to pop it, just make sure you use barkskin at the same time so your heals don't hate you.

    As long as the dps are letting things actually get into your melee range before they cut loose you should be fine.

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    Thanks Tygorl. I see my char on Feral gear, you can check it out

    In aoe pulls, mangle and lacerate are a no-no for me. I just charge or FF and start spamming swipe and queuing maul like you said. In fights like Thorim the same but Tabbing like crazy.

    Only thing I see people use and I don't is Demo Roar, not sure if it is very useful or how much threat it generates, so that's why I don't use it, however seems in aoe pulls it's worth a try.

    Any other suggestion is welcome of course

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