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Thread: Blood Tanking spec.

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    Blood Tanking spec.

    Here's my armory (and more importantly, spec): The World of Warcraft Armory
    My problem is this:
    Although I've been capable of keeping aggro on a single target with the greatest of ease, AoE aggro seems a bit trickier, and when D&D is over, my hold get's weak very fast. of course, by the time I can barely hold aggro they're usually all dead, but I'm still worried about fights where i'll have to keep aggro for extended periods of time.

    The spec isn't my making, and I found it somewhere a while back, when i reached 80 and started gathering tanking gear.

    I'm considering dropping "Heart Strike", since i hardly use it, (which might be the problem, which is why im asking). "Blood Gorged", the aggro bonus is probably great, but I'm thinking the alternatives might be better. and finaly, "Bloody Vengeance", which actually just seems pretty weak.
    With these 8 points, I want to pick up "Morbidity" and "Epidemic" in Unholy, and "Death Rune Mastery" in Blood. and another point somewhere... and while im at it, maybe switching 3 points from "Black Ice" to "Improved Icy Touch" in Frost.
    The thing I'm worried about is that I might be having difficulties holding aggro on a single target with all these dmg nerfs.

    halp plox.

    If you have a blood spec you're willing to share, I'm open to suggestions.
    I heard they're changing parry rating so that it would take a similar amount of rating for every 1% of dodge and parry. parry still diminishes quicker, but i was wondering if there's a situation where stacking parry would benefit you more than stacking dodge due to heavy diminishing returns on dodge?
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