I'm working on a 3.2 Blood Tanking spec and having trouble deciding on putting 2 points in Blood Presence to help the healers a bit (since they will be working a bit harder) over a full 5 points in Necrosis.

Also, Maybe dropping Necrosis period for 3/3 Spell Deflection and 2/2 Imp. Blood Presence. Is Necrosis that imperative for my threat generation? I generally read 5-6k TPS on single target fights in 3.1.

Here is the spec I am looking at.


My current armory.

The World of Warcraft Armory

I know I'm way over D-Cap. I've been hoping for the Furnace Stone to drop of Ignis to replace my seal. I'm in a 10 man only guild also.

My second spec is an AOE unholy tank build for aoe needs. I don't know what I'm gonna for that in 3.2. Probably have to go into a HB Frost setup.

Thanks for any input.