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Thread: Any such thing as a Deatstrike build with AOE?

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    Any such thing as a Deatstrike build with AOE?

    right now I am using a frost tank 12/51/8 and am having trouble with 2 things.

    1. my usual healers suck . . . its not that I'm bad, but its that there are 4 healers in our guild, 2 are an absolute pleasure to tank for and 2 of them either go OOM or cant pay attention to more that 1 thing at a time.

    2. PUG dps has a hard time figuring out that if i mark a target with a skull thats the one you should kill first . . . not ignore and pull aggro on every other mob BUT that one.

    my solution so far was to replace obliterate with deathstrike on boss fights and to AOE like there is no tomorrow on trash putting down DnD whenever it was off cooldown, tab targeting while looking at omen to see if there are any mobs i am not top on threat. I just feel like this is a waste of having Howling Blast although i never seem to find myself starved for runes or rp.

    does anybody here know of a build/rotation that can actually solve both these issues at once?

    ie. a deathstrike based build with enough points in unholy to boost DnD to the point where the loss of howling blast isn't felt.

    so far i have no trouble on single target threat unless the dps passes me by 3x or more so I'm even open to an unholy build if it has the ability to heal through or mitigate damage like i need

    now the only thing is I'm terrified of losing UA . . . too many fights where i can just wade into 10-20 mob packs and literally take no damage.

    so far i was looking at
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    as a possible candidate
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    Deathstrike build

    Part of tanking, I feel involves telling people what to do and schooling them when they need it. You're the main show of the raid/dungeon and have the highest responsibility of the group, I think this earns you a right to tell people when they are doing something wrong (like telling them that skull means kill first, etc).

    In regards to your question about Deathstrike, I feel it is absolutely essential to use when you're pugging it or running with an inexperienced healer. It takes a lot of strain off of them and also tends to give me a comfort knowing I can spam a button to heal me for 2.5k health when things get a little hairy or too hot for the inexperienced healer to handle. This is also noticed by even experienced healers, who always compliment "what a breeze it is to heal me." And it should be, because I am helping them with their job and letting the dps do theirs. If I am the only taking the damage and helping my healer out as much as possible (with my own heals) everyone is happy. Until I see my repair bill, then not so much. =D

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