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Thread: 3.2 Spec

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    3.2 Spec

    Ok, i will start out by saying that I have been 80 for 3 weeks and have tanked up to Vezax in 10 man, spec'd Unholy, until respeccing Blood for GV.

    My question is really a simple one, with the changes in 3.2, will Unholy after the UB nerf be worth using just to get BS since IBF is now 2min CD or is Blood still the best spec available?

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    I would say no, until someone works out a viable build. As of right now, unholy dk's are getting raked over the coals because someone complained to much about them being unholy paladin types. And the fact that a 80 reg blue wear dk can easily 6k dps aoe tank. Hence the changes desecration and UB.

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