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Thread: 3.2 Protection Spec - what to substitute

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    Hard to say. In terms of aggro I would drop cruelty for sure since it's RNG based. 2% more or less crit...
    So you are left with these options:

    • -1 Point in improved Revenge = -10% Damage from Revenge -> Actually I think if you leave this completely out, revenge does less aggro then devestate could that be true in 3.2?
    • -1 Point in Deep Wounds = you lose 16% bleeding Damage.
    • -1 Point in Focused Rage -> +1 Rage cost on all your off. stuff.
    • -1 Point in Shield Specialisation -> only 80% chance to generate the (5-1) Rage / -1% Blocking.
    So what hurts you the least?

    -> I think if you dont have a 100% chance to generate rage on avoidance then there is no point to go for that and you could just keep your specc which you have atm.

    -> 10% less damage is also huge I think. in a 7-8min Boss fight I hit revenge like 30-40 times. 40 times -10% revenge damage is quite a lot aggro compared to -1 point in deep wounds.

    so these two drop out also. I don't know whether to go for +1 rage on off. stuff or -16% less bleeding Damage.

    I think the bleeding damage hurts less. Since its also RNG based. And atm my bleeding damage on MT tanking is about 5-9% in max. EH ulduar gear. Not that much.

    So I guess this will be my specc:


    My survival specc is pretty much unchanged:


    You can spend the 5 points in imp. Demo Shout otherwise if you have a Paladin with vindication in your raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumurak View Post
    Dragaan, you really wont need to with the current state of tanks in 3.2. The glyph should be plenty for you. Although a 2 min shield wall is nice, it's not a requirement. or at least I've managed to survive without it. But then agian the healers I run with are very good. And after 3 years we know each other pretty well
    I'm still going to be tanking Algalon. I usually eat every other big bang and I will need that 2min shield wall. But, you're right, I don't NEED it anywhere else. It would still be nice to have tho.....

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    Well, assuming you have a fast weapon and are HSing whenever you can and using all GCDs you should be saving about 12 rage with focused rage for every boss swing. If he hits your bar will go up and if he misses nothing happens. If you didn't have focused rage you'd not save that 12 rage and when the boss hit you you'd get rage as normal but if he missed (65% of the time? I'm being generous) you'd get 5 of it back. Focused Rage is worth more than shield spec still for rage gen on bosses clearly. I suspect it will take at least 3 mobs to even the two talents out. This is just napkin math though while I wait for my server to let me in.

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    I tink I will test this:
    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior=35002000230000000000000000000003000000000 00000000000000000053351225000012521030113321&glyph =031922070403&version=10192

    Question, today I see that the Glyph of Shieldwall now only reduces the Damage Taken by 40% - I thought former it was 50% - or am I wrong??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strongbow View Post
    Question, today I see that the Glyph of Shieldwall now only reduces the Damage Taken by 40% - I thought former it was 50% - or am I wrong??
    Glyph was always 40% you probably just noticed it.

    This is the spec I ended up going with (mainly because I have to have improved disciplines for various reasons). In ulduar last night I hardly had any rages issue boss tanking, add tanking did not matter so I could easily spam cleaver while doing adds. Thus I might actually drop out of deep wounds completely, I will have to compare my tanking parses from few weeks before 3.2 to few weeks inot 3.2 to decide.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Just my 2 cents

    Oh btw, the damage buffs to prot are sweet :P, with mitigation spec and both stam trinkets I was easily doing 2k DPS last night Yayyyyyy
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    I don't understand how one would specc into 2/5 cruelty but not take Gag Order, or even consider that, but whatever.

    Many of you propably over-gear heroic instances, naxx10 and propably naxx25 by ridicioulus amounts resulting in crappy threat. If this is the case and you want to make your life easier taking a deep wounds build and investing the 2 spare points into 4/5 block is a viable option in that scenario.

    Should also help on Thorims Arena if you are rage-starved like I am and have someone else to apply imp. Demo shout and want to beat hard mode reliably.

    Other than that: 3.2 isn't changing much for warriors except the option described above is more viable then before.

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