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Thread: Demo shout

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    Demo shout

    Does anyone know how much physical damage reduction this talent does? Also. I tank/dps in guild runs as arms and was wondering if it was worth specing into "imp demo shout" to help the mt out as we always have 2 pallys on our runs for kings and imp might.


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    I believe maximizing raid benefit is more important than personal benefit, for progression purposes anyway. You should be working with other tanks and/or warriors in your raid to make sure you guys aren't speccing into the same buffs/debuffs. If one person takes Imp Demo Shout, the other should take Commanding Presence. I take Commanding Presence for my Progression tanking spec, and the Druid tanks will take Feral Aggression. If not the Druid Tanks, then our DPS Warrior (a Fury Warrior) will take Imp Demo Shout (even though he QQs cause he loses DPS).

    I have no actual numbers though, sorry :\

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    Your tanks will love you and sing your praises!

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