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Thread: My Blood Tanking spec.

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    My Blood Tanking spec.

    Im working on movin a few points around in my spec to better help my guild in uld10 and naxx/os/EoE etc 25mans. What i have so far is
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    i am wondering what the last 3 points should be spent on.
    I was looking at either Virulence or Morbidity. +3% Hit on spells is real nice but then again 15% on a dump i use a few times a fight and 15 second DnD is also nice. And i know my spec might have a few holes. Any Comments would be helpful.

    If you wish to look at my gear or current spec(almost the same)
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    And i belive i am pretty well geared. Wow-heroes has me sitting at 2104 Missing ~30ish points due to Armory not updating my enchants this weekend.



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    Easy answer, if you want to choose between Virulence and Morbidity is Morbidity for Blood. Virulence will buff your IT and DC hit chance. Very small value for the points. Buffed DC damage and increased DnD uptime when you want to chain it are easily a bigger value. Especially since you're using Sudden Doom.
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    Thanks for confirming. I was leading towards Morbidity just due to Sudden Doom but blizz is being retarted and hasnt credited my account for the time i paid so i thought i might as well ask. But i believe that i have a pretty solid tanking build/gear. But agian any comments are more than welcome

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