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Thread: Block Val on Diminishing Returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roarc View Post
    What makes you scale beyond the "limit" seems to be external modifiers such as:

    - Set-bonuses (Tier 7)
    I am pretty sure Tier 7 bonus was formulated as +10% damage, damage is not SBV so I guess, its just flat modifier on our SS dmg.

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    So i don't quite understand this how much Block Value do you need on your character screen to get the full 2760 bonus to your shield slam? I mean i am assuming since it says diminishing returns that you need more than 2760 to reach that cap.

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    Once at 26Exp and the hit cap, is it worth stacking SBv for threat? The T9 pants and heml both have a lot of BV, that coupled with a few other pieces will get you close to the DR point. if that raises the sbv from say 1300 to 2400, what dps/theat percentage is that of the overall rotation?

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    I am also very interested on how to squeeze out as much dps on shield slam since 3.2 hit. Currently I can run with around 3100 amount blocked in my SBV set. Now I dunno how much DR affects my shield slams (I read somewhere before after around 3060 it hard caps), but I was looking into what point I should stop going for SBV and invest in armor penetration.

    ArP is also good for all my other skills too
    Everything is FABULOUS with warrior tanks again.

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