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Thread: Poor Vision. In real life.

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    Poor Vision. In real life.

    Please re-direct this if I have posted in the wrong area.

    I love your YouTube vides. You guys are well informed and I hope you can help me.

    I understand the built in challenges and making the visual part of it.

    I am very very near sighted with some color blindness mixed in. The color blindness is minor but similar colors do blend together and makes it hard to sort out. I have tried the color blindness option in the interface, that was useless.

    I am hoping to find a few mods that might help me raid. This might be hard for me to describe, as what I see and others see while playing is likely much different.

    I change the camera angle as I need to and the re-distance often to better my view.

    I use Icehud and parrot, I find these help with condensing info that I need.

    Ok... I play mage. I been doing ok until we got to Freya. I find that fight very color wise crazy and hard to sort out ads and mini bosses.

    Our guild is quite casual, but with the progression into the harder content we need to keep our game on focus. I am a weak link and want to better my game. Our raid leaders are very understanding, but I don't want to slow our progression.
    My dps is hurting. I find it hard to find and change targets.

    My dream mods that likely do not exists are:
    Turn my targets one solid color.
    Remove foliage and simular items.
    Change the color of the floor.
    Let me mark targets, that I see only.
    All likely not going to happen.

    Any way ..... if anyone has any suggestion to my limited vision problem, please suggest away. I know there are many other things I have tried that I have not mentioned. I am sure there are others with simular problems.

    Thanks and
    Take Care

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    For Freya one of the easiest things is to set up some targetting macros /tar Storm or /tar Ancient or /tar Snap - I'm not sure how your guild does the fight but I'm guessing you're never needed on one of the adds. Targetting macros for the trees that grow would also be useful.

    Another thing that can help is do you use oRA2 (or some other addon) that allows Maintanks to be set, you can then see their target (square health bars for both tanks and tanks targets - size can be adjusted, not sure on colour), this would enable you to click on a particular tank target to target it rather than searching for it in the mess!

    Another option, whicjh wouldnt help with freya) but would on some other fights is setting up focus macros, and showing your focus on your UI, allowing easy change back to a specific target.

    There are nameplate addons like, Aloft, which allow you to change the size of the healthplates above monsters, also to increase the size of raid marks on them. have a look in the user interface forum, you may find a UI with some addons that you think might help.

    Best of luck and persevere with it! I used to tank with a partially deaf tank, and found it was mainly a matter of setting up his UI very well and the rest of the raid knowing about it. Yelling at him in vent for example was pretty useless if there was other chatter going on, so the other tanks set up "/y move", "/y taunt focus" macros and it worked really well.
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    Hey, the only thing I can think of unfortunately is to minimize some of your GFX settings, namely ground clutter density and radius (to reduce foilage), and turn off specular lighting so the ground doesn't reflect light.

    I'm afraid the only way you could solve your other problems (change floor color, remove or change textures on NPCs) is by model hacks, which as far as I know aren't condoned by blizz, though I heard various things that it's allowed since it only changes how your client displays things. But I've never really done any model hacks so I wouldn't know.
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    As I don't play anymore I can't test this, but playing with this console command may help. The command below is for settings past max in the WoW graphics settings. Perhaps setting some to 0 will remove some unwanted items. Use at you're own risk and GL

    /console overridefarclip 1
    /console farclip 1600
    /console horizonfarclip 6226
    /console groundeffectdensity 256
    /console groundeffectdist 140
    /console smallcull 0
    /console skycloudlod 3
    /console characterAmbient
    /console extshadowquality 4
    /console environmentDetail 2
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    I think the best thing to do would be to make a couple targetting macros for the mobs you want to attack /target mob A /target mob B etc, or /assist Tank name, this doesn't help you see your target, but that doesn't necessarily matter if you know what you're attacking, does it? :P

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