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Thread: Tank looking for arms help.

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    Tank looking for arms help.

    Ok first a small bit of background. I am a prot warrior. I am a casual player. I love tanking.

    That being said Ive recently been asked to help a guild who is progressing on hard mode (10 man) Uld. They have no complaints about my tanking however I am the ot. For many fights they want me to swap to my dps spec and do damage.

    I have no problem with swapping to help out but my dps is incredibly low. I understand the priorities (I think), have read and reread the quick and dirty arms guide. scanned many of the threads here. and still dont get it.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Hopefully im logged out in my dps gear I've been making it a point to do so recently so i can look for help.

    Any suggestions be it gear, chants, gems, spec, rotation, roll a new toon you noob is welcome. Suggestions with the reasoning behind them explained is even more welcome. I want to know what to do to be better but I really want to know why and how it will make me better so i can make better choices going onward.

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    3 Things I notice right away:

    1) weapon. You'll need something with a higher DPS. I assume you're trying for Ironsoul? Any chance of getting Betrayer from naxx?

    2) Rings. 1 blue, 1 tanking ring. Grab the ring from Heroic Gun if you need expertise. This leads me to #3

    3) lvl 70 trinket. I assume you're using it for expertise. Replace it with Grim Toll and pick up expertise via gems/H Gun ring until you are up to 26 (you're at 25...so close!!)

    Could get +10 stats on chest vs +8 but that's not a HUGE deal. Those are my observations on your gear. Hope that helps a bit!

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    All good pointers thank you.

    1. yes im looking at tryin to get a better weapon thats also why my hit is a bit high so when I lose the hit from the mace I'll still be ok.

    2. o.O im not sure why that ring is on Ill have to check my itemrack to see where it came from.

    3. yes the trink is for expertise. I was trying to get to my caps then work from there (I was above 26 then replaced a gem and dropped.)

    Thank you for the reply Im hoping to get a better weap and trink soon and ill look into the ring and see what the hell happened there

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    You're currently quite overcapped on hit. The cap is 8%.
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    yes Ive been thinking about lowering some of the hit I have however without my weapon im blow cap (I think im at 7.5% without it) and im hopeing to replace the weapon soon.

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    At your DPS gear level you should not be geming for ARP. You should gem for STR at your current gear level.

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