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Thread: Am I geared enough for Iron Council (25)?

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    Am I geared enough for Iron Council (25)?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    The WWS:
    World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

    As you can see, 4 wipes before the kill on the 5th attempt. I'm almost always the first tank to drop no matter what I'm tanking (actually, I almost always die on every boss in Uld25). There are 7 healers in the raid. What's going on?? Do I need to change some of my gear around?

    I'm currently working towards conqueror chest and other conquest badge gear. Is there anything anything else I could be doing?

    I'm sick of dying >_<

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    One thing i noticed, is it doesn't appear your warriors are using Demo shout. Thats a VERY NICE damage reduction. They also aren't using Thunderclap. They are both arms warriors(judging from damage breakdown) so they should be in battle stance and able to use these abilities. Will it lower their dps a bit to use them, yes. If the tank dies everytime, does it matter what their dps is, no.

    You greatness card is nice for dps/tps but doesn't help you survive much(yes yes SBV and all that, doesn't matter). Might want to look into a different trinket for progression fights.

    Otherwise your gear should be sufficient for tanking IC.

    Looks like one of your deaths was from a fusion punch in a rune. Pop a CD if you have to.

    Make sure your healers are healing proactively and not reactively.

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    Block rating/block value gear is terrible for tanking hard-hitting bosses. Avoid wearing it, even if it is tier. The T8 chest for badges should be your first upgrade. Drop the 18 stam to shield and get defense instead, it's a BC enchant with inferior itemization. With 20 defense on your shield, you can swap out a 16 defense gem for a 24 stam one, and gain both defense and stam. Drop the darkmoon card for an avoidance trinket.

    We provide our own "thunderclap" (attack speed debuff) via Judgements of the Just, no need to have a warrior keep that up. What you do have to make sure of is that no other paladin is using the same judgement as you. If you're judging ligh, and a holy or ret judges over you, your attack speed debuff is cancelled. If there are two other pallies in the raid, I usually judge justice and tell all the other pallied to judge wisdom, and have the best geared ret judge light. This will change in 3.2 because JoL will be based the HP of the person receiving the heal, not the SP/AP of the palading judging it.

    We currently do not have an attack power debuff, we are getting this baked into vindication come 3.2, making it a necessary tanking talent. For now, have a warrior keep up demo shout.

    Are you cleansing fusion punch from yourself? It can be a significant load off the healers and should only have a minor impact on your threat generation. Healers should be targeting steelbreaker and timing big heals to to land as soon as his fusion punch cast ends.

    Focus runemaster and start movign steelbreaker as soon as runmaster starts casting rune of power, that way you're already moving. If you're trying to position him close so the melee can get the run buff, watch his buffs closely, he's got a big hit box and he likes to leave his toe in the rune.

    Your holy paladin is your only "boom" healer, but he's using FoL a little too much. A properly geared holy paladin will almost be able to chain cast holy lights without going oom. FoL spam is so BC.

    Three holy priests is excessive. You'd have a very well rounded healing group if one of them was disc. Disc priest + holly pally is an amazing tank healing duo.
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    Thank you very much for the advise so far. I'll get to regemming and reenchanting tonight.

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