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Thread: Squishy Warrior Tank??!?!

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    Squishy Warrior Tank??!?!

    Okay...What is the deal!? Tonight on Ignis, my healers could not keep me alive. 5 Wipes later, we stick our pally tank in front of him and the fight goes off without a hitch. So what gives?! The reason I ask is because this isn't the only time something like this has come up. up until this week, I have more or less been our guild's only warrior tank. We had 2 warrior tanks and a Pally tank while in naxx (i was dps'ing at the time), since then we've moved to 2 pally tanks and a warrior (the other warrior tank broke his arm so I've been subbing in) Neither of the pally tanks have any issues staying alive, but it's like the healers cannot keep me alive. Ignis and Kologarn seem to be the only real problems when I maintank them. Thorim also proves to be really tough on the nights I go through the hallway. I get double stunned + impale debuff and "BAM!" dead.

    Please help me out. constructive criticism loved. Brutal honesty adored.

    my armory link and tonight's pally tank's armory (it shows his ret gear right now, but it may update to his prot set. dunno)

    Jivatma (me) - The World of Warcraft Armory

    Steff (his)- The World of Warcraft Armory

    and our WWS for the night:

    Wow Web Stats
    /cast Charge

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    Death 1:
    0:04'21.875 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 18984 Physical. #185979
    0:04'23.766 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 14288 Physical. (3502 Blocked) #186210
    0:04'24.438 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 13961 Physical. (3502 Blocked)

    Death 2:
    0:04'34.843 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 21438 Physical. #236486
    0:04'36.781 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 21213 Physical.

    Death 3:
    Log doesnt end with your death

    Death 4:
    0:04'38.625 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 26362 Physical. (1275 Blocked) #344440
    0:04'39.140 Ignis the Furnace Master melee swing hits Jivatma for 21371 Physical.

    What we see from logs is that you (or someone) dont keep demo and tc up.

    On death 1 was ok but you got unlucky and got 3 hits in row, this happens and kills people
    On death 4, he was parry hasted to oblivion, i guess he turned to grab someone and lots of melee hit him in that time and he parried all. Tho you can clearly see demo is missing.

    About your gear. Gem for stamina and not expertise, put dodge / sta in red sockets.

    It was very brief analize but im little short on time.

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    Like above poster said and:
    In hard fights timing your cooldowns for damage reduction is important to help your healers.
    So: while you can use shieldblock as often as possible to maximise dps/tps, on fights like ignis you use it on critical moments and that's right before flame-jets. Make use of all your cooldowns in such a fight, spell/trinkets/pots.

    Also, on fight where you're struggling: drink an inderstructible potion right before the pull, then you can use another during the fight, they're quite strong.

    Anjd especially for ignis: you should look at the buffs he gets, if the offtank isn't doing his job well and too much adds at one time are up, you will get hit for higher and higher amounts of damage.

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    I agree with Haur. Drop all that Expertise.
    Only go for socket bonus with +9 stam, rest can be ignored.
    Put in +24 Stam, or if you really want the bonus a +8 dodge + 12 stam. (Red)
    Or for yellow: +8def +12 stam. (or even +8 parry + 12 stam), but as I said only go for socket bonus if its +9 stam - that gives you the +8dodge/def/parry by loosing out on 3 stam.

    Rest is your raid doing their job... get those Demo shouts and TC up and running 100%.

    Good luck getting it sorted.

    /Wolf :Q

    Edit: And get the +40 stam on bracers plz.
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    Also few more things to consider, damage on death 4 looks so much out of balance it could easily mean poor add handling and boss having lots of extra damage from them (15% per add), death 2 is little lower but still high.

    Another thing is if your healers not paying attention to flame jets, get interupted then looking stupid for next 8 sec. Did one of your healers get into pot, many people dont know that can cast in there? Were your healers thrown up on flame jets?
    (Its prolly in log but again short on time ).

    Does one of your paladins keep armor aura up?
    Does one of your shamans keep armor totem up?
    Does one of your paladins or shamans keep fire resist up to lower overall damage?

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    You have 6 expertise gems, and expertise on bracers.
    184 Stamina, that you could easily add in.

    184x1.06(Vitality)x1.1(Kings)=214.5 Stamina

    2145 more Health that you could have.

    You can also switch your shoulder enchant to Greater Inscription of the Gladiator - Item - World of Warcraft Thats another 30stam. 35 after vitality and kings. That puts you right in the range of 2500 more health during the raid.

    You've over the expertise soft-cap, but your hit is WAY low. I'd switch the chant on gloves to +20 hit.

    Enchant your weapon. I recommend Blood Draining, but hopefully this thread won't turn into an BD/BW argument.

    And if all else fails, go 5/15/51 to pickup Imp Demo, CP, and Imp Dis

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