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Thread: New pally tank

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    New pally tank

    Howdy all,

    Have been ret since pretty much lvl 10 and have just gathered tank gear on my way through for just in case 1 day i decide a change would occur and that day has come =) Just need some advice on my spec/gear if its heading the right way or i need to make major changes.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Your gearing is generally good. I'd change the spell power enchant on your sword to something else. Although paladin abilities are "spells", you don't want to gem/echant for anything to do with spell power. A titanium weapon chain or accuracy would probably be best for your weapon with the content you are likely to see.

    You should drop all the points you have in the holy tree and go into ret for a conviction/crusade build. It is the better spec until 3.2 drops.

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