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Thread: Gear focus

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    Gear focus

    My approach to tanking gear thus far has been get to 540 defense,
    get a decent amount of health [been keeping it at 27 k unbuffed, it's about 32-35k raid buffed], and then stacking dodge. Right now I have 540 defense,
    27k health, and a tad over 28% dodge [with my elixirs, I use Mighty Defense for part of my 540 defense, as I was able to get more out of my gear that way]. My dodge is between 29 and 32% raid buffed.

    So.. should I keep stacking dodge, or do you guys think I should put a little more stamina in there? If not either of those, what should I focus on to improve my survivability.

    armory if you wanna look - The World of Warcraft Armory

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    I cant speak much for Prot Paladins because I dont play one, but Ive always been guided to gem stamina till your eyes bleed.

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    Make this your new best friend:


    at the point you are at with your dodge rating you are starting to get hit pretty hard.

    what level of content are you in?

    With how hard you will be getting hit in Ulduar and beyond Avoidance (dodge) isn’t always the best thing to stack. The basic theory is that you need enough Effective health to survive two consecutive hits to give your healers a chance to keep up. The problem with stacking avoidance is at some stage you are going to get a string of hits. This is going to make your health very spiky and unpredictable to the healers.

    Here is a good post by Vene explain it:

    So as Khilborn said and imo you should probably be stacking more EH. In my EH set i am pushing about 33k HP unbuffed and about 42k raid buffed which just make the healers job easier. Your gear is better then mine so you should be pushing bigger numbers then that.

    The thing to keep in mind with all of this is that you should be keeping sets for different needs. You should have a strong avoidance set like your one, you should also have a strong EH set. You should be enchanting items to their strengths.

    sorry for the wall.

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    I am doing naxx, voa, and os only atm. [25's and 10's].
    My guild is starting ulduar soon, which is kinda why i was wondering if i needed to change

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    how hard are the average hits in ulduar? because my EH before some slight changes I made was 75k, my avoidance was 56%. If the average hit was 35 k in ulduar, I would've had the 2 hits and still alive you suggested, before altering anything. And i would have missed 56% of the damage coming at me [aprox, i understand the chance of the matter, but even without the avoidance, my EH was enough for 2 hits, i think].

    Anyhow, EH is pretty much equivilent to health + mitigation, and that seems to be the oposite of where a tank should go if the hits are getting harder, because it would do less good the harder the hits, while avoidance would do more..
    Doesn't make sense to me lol.

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