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Thread: Major time away, need basic advice

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    Major time away, need basic advice

    So I've been gone from WoW since about the time that Burning Crusade came out. I let a friend borrow the account, and he not only leveled up my main to 80, but he also got some great gear (armory link).

    Anyway, my question is basically where do I start? I'm not really all that familiar with the skills Paladins currently have, and I haven't run any raids since Zul'Gurub. I've been reading up a lot on some other places like WoWwiki and here on Tankspot, but I guess what I'm looking for is like some sort of "guide on what paladins can do nowadays."

    All of my talent points are refunded currently so I can go pretty much any direction as far as that goes. Back in the day I was playing as a Holy pally but it seems that my friend has geared me up for Retribution (though I have a lot of other gear in the bank, too that has more INT on it).

    Any recommendations on how to get back in the swing of things? Obviously I'll start by just doing some quests to learn the skills and rhythm of things again, but I'd like to start running Naxx and Ulduar soon, too.

    Thanks for any help guys, these seems to be a great site and know you guys will be a big help.

    PS. I also have a 78 Rogue that is pretty well equipped as well, but I'm more interested in my Pally obviously.

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    Do you want to tank?

    Be a Champion, not a hero.


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    Pally's are really versatile and atm are good at any job you throw them at.

    Ret is a bit of a face roll but is getting a bit of a shake up next patch and could be quite fun.

    Holy is probably still the best single target healer in the game (though Disc. gives them a run for their money now days) and is nowhere near as 'wack a mole' as it used to be.

    Prot is awesome,

    If you are undecided probably have a play around with all of them in 5mans and heroics and see which one suits your play style. You can even dual spec these days so you have a choice of two.


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