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Thread: Starting to do Heroics, Aspirations of Naxx

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    Starting to do Heroics, Aspirations of Naxx


    First post on Tankspot and i'm not really sure how to ask the question. I have done what seems like a ton (maybe too much) of research on warrior tanking and so far have been relatively successful in managing threat and getting through a few heroics unscathed. I'm looking to maybe start jumping into Naxx10/25 and volunteering for VoA's as a tank. Was wondering if you studs could take a quick look over of the armory and make some suggestions on gear/stats to improve or reduce. Some info:

    - Glyphed mostly for single target Threat generation and debating the cleave glyph for improved aoe threat generation.

    - I currently dont have BiS (obviously) but a spend a good bit of gem slots on expertise and i'm starved on hit... maybe i'm gearing incorrectly

    - My rotation seems consistently solid per the rotation diagram. As stated in diagram i SS everytime up, Revenge/HS spam, devastate, then the stuns.. i might miss a handful of GCD's from time to time but i'm getting better.

    - In preparing for a new encounter you havent done, how do you guys adequately prepare... I see some solid Marmot videos out there but just wanted to know what the study or cerebral preparation you guys go through

    Thanks in advance

    WOW Armory - Krimsonkeg

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    I've never found the Cleave glyph to be that useful and would steer clear of it if I were you as you're better off utilizing Glyphs that improve your performance on bosses. (which your current ones are fine for although you should have 2 more minors especially the Bloodrage one)

    One of the biggest mistakes I see early tanks making is worrying about expertise and hit, a lot. It's really not worth pursuing. You'll get what you need naturally with gear at a Naxx level. Ultimately, what you want to build towards his having a survival-oriented set of gear and a threat-oriented set of gear. (which can be as simple as switching out your trinkets, rings, neck and cloak for threat pieces when you feel you'll need more)

    For a new encounter, I'll always either read up on or watch a video on it or both if I have time. If you haven't already started then I suggest you head over to ProjectMarmort.com and start. It's going to take a while, but it's worth it because a lot of pugs these days aren't going to explain the fights in great detail if at all.

    When I watch the video I like to pay attention to see if there's a high threat component necessary at any point in the fight or any reason why threat seems to be more of advantage than survival. Most of time, threat isn't a major player in Naxx though and gearing for maximum survival is your best bet.

    As to your gear, socket your belt. Enchant your chest and bracers. (there is a 22 defense chest enchant that you should use to free up one of your JC gems) Buy the Wyrmrest Accord boots since you're already Revered. The more gems you can improve to rare quality the better.

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    Veneretio - You have been a long time personally respected player and i appreciated your emblem guide by buying up the military chained gorget.. thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback

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