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Thread: Gear and Talents Check

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    Gear and Talents Check

    I ask a little about my block guild trouble :P
    Then I need to check my gear and my stats to see if I'm really as bad as another tanks told me :S
    They said me that for a warrior that use shield block needs to be better than my :S

    Also they told me that change my old deep wounds spec for the one that I have now... But I don't know which one is the bests and why ....

    Thanks a lot!

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    What content are you working on 10 man ulduar?

    Block isn't what it should be for warriors, particularly in Ulduar where bosses hit much harder than Naxx. Most tanks working on 25-man content are gearing towards avoidance at this point as the amount of damage blocked in a single attack by even a gear set designed around block value is pretty low.

    This may change after the next patch when SBV on items is doubled, but it remains to be seen how this will translate into the live experience.

    Your gear looks pretty good overall but there are a few issues.

    1. Look for a weapon upgrade. Broken Promise is slow for a warrior tank, we want faster weapons to facilitate heroic strike spammage - unfortunately, its a vital threat boost at this point.

    2. +15 expertise on your gloves isn't ideal. While you're under the soft cap for expertise, you might want to look at your gearing options and see if you can squeeze some expertise elsewhere and put the Armsman enchant on your mittens.

    3. Titanium spike on your shield? Try the defense enchant

    As for your spec..The traditional deep wounds spec is still very viable unless you've got some issues with staying upright and mobile in fights and then you might want to look into a max mitigation spec.

    Even if you don't go back to a 15/5/51 or similar build, I'd consider dropping:

    Puncture: At least until the patch, devastate is a low threat per rage talent

    Improved Spell Reflect: Very little utility in raids unless you're running a lot of Malygos or getting ganked my horde mages when you try to zone in.

    Improved disciplines: This isn't such a bad option but there are better places for points imho.

    I'd consider picking up:

    Gag order 2/2: +5% damage to your best aggro tool should make this talent a must.

    Improved heroic strike 3/3: When spammed mercilessly and backed by (almost) endless rage, this provides a metric buttload of threat.

    That'll still leave you with one point on the cuff for booming voice, or 1/2 improved disc.

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