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Thread: Want to tank better

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    Want to tank better

    I have tanked in tbc and befor, but I started woltk as dps. As many others I swaped to tanking cuz guild.
    I played naxx learning tanking, I had 4/5 t7.5 befor ulduar. And I had no problems with tanking whatever. Ulduar 10 was going ok, but when I get to uldu 25 I have some probs. Sometimes I just die rly fast, and healers cant do anyting to keep me up. I dont know if its all me, but..

    Threat is fine, and my hp is 31k -32k+ depending on what trink I use. But I'm now considering my avoidance, does shieldblock sux ? I get alot from shieldblock gear, I find that helps me on threat. Did I overdo it ? Should I boost my parry/dodge ? I've had some probs balancing my new gear maybe, befor I had a more even avodance.

    Link to armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I feel like there is allways stuff to learn about tanking. Ty for any comments on this

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    From what I read I can tell you migration helps in heroics when you get many little hits but sucks in raids when that 1k-2k reduction on attacks doesn't really matter because the bosses are still going to hit you for 9k+ and in that case avoidence matters a lot more. Also, I think the generally accepted view for a warrior right now is to avoid sheild block, but I would search a little bit more about that.

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    While the reason for you dieing could be just about anything, unlucky series of hits in a row, healers slacking, ect ect. I have noticed a few things in your gear that could be adjusted or tweaked in my opinion.

    -You do have a bit more block gear then I would advise wearing around. Now I am not saying that block gear is bad, but in the majority of situations your going to want to get a more solid avoidance stat in there. Especially if your having trouble keeping alive.

    -I personally would use a few different gems for your red and yellow choices. +8 def/12stam (yellows) and +8dodge/12stam (red) (unless your gearing for threat then I might work on your expertise in the red slot.

    -Lack of enchant on your sword hurts a bit. The enchants I would suggest for that would be accuracy, blade warding or that *blood draining* (for some reason this name seems wrong to me). But honestly I think you should wait too get last laugh or titan guard too put anything expensive on it. Both are extremely easy too get

    -I really think you should try to work incite into your spec, but I am not going to try and tell ya that it would actually improve your survivability.

    - If you could manage to get a hodir shoulder enchant it would give you a bit more flexibility with gear via bonus Def rating.

    Now for a few questions that might help determine why you have been dieing:
    When do you use your cool downs? (includes shield block)

    What bosses have you been instagibbed on?

    Why do you think that you have been dieing?

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    Ty for reply

    This just confirms what I have been thinking.
    I had a threat issue, witch shieldblock and str solved. I've just not tought of this befor I got this prob... wow this is kinda obvious :/ I feel dumb :P

    I agree on the red gem, I'll turn it to exp asap. But I need my hit on green, so I dont get taunt(osv.) and threat probs. Think I'm about hit/exp caped, maybe abit low. Befor I had 555 in def, chose to take it back to 540. Seems to me that after that def dont do to much to the avoidance. So I get more effeckt out of other stats.

    The weapon.. yeh it sux, I've been grinding to get that damn item replaced. Insane that I still have it... thats why I've just waited, dont wanna waste g.

    About the specc.. I've been trying to change that, just not found the respecc yet, but gonna go with more threat there and focus on surviveability in gear.

    Ty for replys helped me alot ^^

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