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Thread: Rotation help & expected DPS for a Tank

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    Rotation help & expected DPS for a Tank

    Ok first off let me give you the link to my character. The World of Warcraft Armory

    I know my gear isn't that great yet (working on it). But having said that, I have a few questions so I'll put them in list format... because I like lists...

    1) I'm currently frost speced. I like the spec and I'm comfortable with it. However is this the best spec for doing 5-man heroics? If not, what do you suggest?

    2) If frost is fine, then what is my best rotation? Right now I'm using HB->OB->BS->BS-> (RuneDump FS/RS) ->OB->OB etc. I'm not so sure about it. I picked this rotation up off a website. So what would be a better rotation? I don't mind re-glyphing too. If Frost isn't fine then what rotation do you suggest given the spec provided?

    3) What kind of DPS should I be expecting in an average 5-man heroic run? Right now I'm right around 1.2k (+/- 200). I know this will get higher the better gear I have.

    I think that's pretty much it. I'm trying to be the best tank I can be, and I would appreciate all constructive criticism. Thanks for taking the time to read and/or post!
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    56 views and no thoughts?

    Well since I've posted this I've been doing some scouring regarding rotations.

    One I see cropping up is PS->IT->BS->BS->OB->(FS/ HB rime proc)->OB->OB->OB->(FS/ HB rime proc)

    There are a couple of variations for this but the idea is still the same. It looks like it's keeping both diseases up and then using both BB and OB to deal damage their full amount of damage with those two diseases up. Makes sense to me.

    Then there are others that are closer in line to what I am currently doing: HB->OB->BS->BS->(FS/ HB rime proc)->OB->OB->HB->(FS/ HB rime proc)'

    Which is pretty much just focusing on keeping FF on the target and spamming OB and BS.

    I can see the advantage of the fist rotation, but I'm not sure the logic (other than it's simplicity) in the second rotation. Is there something I'm missing? Any thoughts on these or other rotations and their uses/advantages/disadvantages?
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    1. I don't have any big problems with your spec but I'm sure there are ppl who are better at that who can look more closely.

    2. About the different rotations (they are not exactly the same that I use but somewhat close), one is for single target and the other one for multiple. I'll let you figure out which is which. Also I don't se DnD anywhere in there, are you not using it at all?

    3. Your dps sounds about right if I remember correctly. I have some better gear than you have and I am usually betwen 1.3 and 1.8k depending on the fight.

    Also, you have more def than you need (not that it is of course but the slots/enchants might be better used). I'd recomend you to for example switch out your Def gems to Stam.

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    This is another dk tank that was looking for suggestions. My post would essentially sum up the same thing for you. Without going into specifics. i'm at work currently or I'd be a bit more specific. Only specific thing I can mention atm is get your hit rating to 283. But never gem for hit. So hunt the gear down.

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