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Thread: Prot Pally Mana Issue and Herioc 1st Fail

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    Prot Pally Mana Issue and Herioc 1st Fail

    OK, level 80 Prot Pally unbuffed 19500 Hit Points and 5500 Mana

    I have most fo the 540 def gear from the easy 540 gear guide.
    I have around 525 now.
    Sheild wall, titamnuim helm, Daunting items etc.

    I am having major mana issue unless I use Blessing of Wisdom. I tried my first heroic in VH PUG and died against the 1st boss "the water elemental adding one" I was also loosing aggro. I have been through VH serveral times before this but just could not cut it.

    I want to run seal of vengence all the time if possible

    It seems consecration uses a ton of mana but you have to have it in the 969 rotation if you want to keep aggro on all the aux mobs.

    I try to shield pull when I can but reserve that for when mana is good.

    Do others have a problem with mana while trying to make sure you don't loose aggro.

    Do you just buy a lot of mana potions for instances? I do use the X% mana regen over 15 sec. in the rotation as well and use the hammer of wisdom to try and keep mana up.

    Just trying to get a feel for how Prot Pally's manage mana.

    Also, the guides are great for gear but tend to be more Warrior focused does that same gear work for Pallies?

    Thanks! Sorry for the long back story and stupid questions but I want to be good at my roll in game so any help is useful.

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    Why would you *ever* use Blessing of Wisdom over Blessing of Sanctuary? __ mana/5 is *never* better than 2% mana when you block/dodge/parry unless you are never being hit AKA not tanking.

    If you want to know the real reason your mana is terrible, all you have to do is look at your spec. You have 0/2 Guarded by the Light in the ninth tier so you don't constantly have Divine Plea running.

    You may also try judging Wisdom instead of Light if you need to.

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    I looked at your armory page (linked here for anyone else: The World of Warcraft Armory) and took a look at your glyphs talents.

    You can definitely stand to switch some talents around. You definitely want 3/3 points in Redoubt, and 2/2 points in Guarded by the Light. Redoubt will improve your chance to block, and Guarded by the Light not only reduces spell damage, but also refreshes Divine Plea - Spell - World of Warcraft as long as you hit an enemy once every 14 seconds. You always have Divine Plea ticking during boss fights. I would also replace your Glyph of Shield of Righteousness with Glyph of Divine Plea - Item - World of Warcraft .

    I also would wait to tank heroics until you have at least 535 defense. You won't get hit nearly as hard, and your healers will have an easier time keeping you up. Go for the Tempered Saronite gear, it's cheap and gets the job done. I would also recommend grinding Wyrmrest Accord rep for Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions - Item - World of Warcraft. It's a great pre-heroic cloak!

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    As Tuff said it really is just your spec that is causing problems. A Couple of points:
    - Guarded by the light is pretty much compulsory, not only is it our main source of mana its one of our only spell damage reductions
    - Redoubt should be in pretty much every build. The proc is usually not amazing but 30% BV is damn handy
    - Stoicism is useless for a PvE build
    - Improved HoJ is almost usless for a PvE build
    - Benediction, although it looks good on paper it really isnt worth it.
    - Vindication is useless for PvE most mobs are immune (although it will get great next patch)

    A base build looks something like this:

    The points from Devine Sac and Devine Guardian can be moved but you need them somewhere in lower prot to get high in the tree. The Divines or Divinity are probably your best choices.

    The last 12 points you can spend where you like but are usually take you deeper into Ret, pushing for Crusade.

    On glyphs you really should pick up the Glyph of Devine Plea, with guarded by the light it should be up 100% so it is basically permanent 3% damage reduction.

    General the rule for mana goes, if you are having problems with Mana Bless Sanc, still having problems Judge Wis, still having problems pull more.

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    Awsome link to the armory I am an old man (guess what year I was born so I did not even know that existed thanks for that.

    I will respec the talent items thanks much.

    I got the cloak last night from wyrmrest and the axe last night as well.

    This forum is great thanks for taking the time to help me improve.


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    I still use Seal of Wisdom for 5 mans over vengance, I just dont get enough healing to stay full mana otherwise. I rarely need the extra threat from vengance anyway, and the only time I could see you having threat problems is when your tanking for a well geared group and your gear isnt quite at the same level, the DPS may overwhelm your threat through sheer numbers.

    Use Blessing of Sanctuary always.

    If you can before a pull, throw up sacred shield and holy shield, and divine plea if its up. This should help give you some mana back in the early stages of a pull and let you burn a bit to establish a nice lead on threat.

    Max Redoubt is also a must have. This ties in with getting mana back when you block.

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