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Thread: TPS: Addons that record this?

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    TPS: Addons that record this?

    Hey guys

    I'm just curious to know if there are any addons out there that record TPS the way recount and recap record dps and dmg etc. Haven't found anything that I can look at solid numbers after doing an 5-man run.

    I'll appreciate any links and help.

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    Sustained TPS is a good one. It does not record but shows the number in your chat frame every time you come OOC

    SustainedTps - Addons - Curse
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    I've seen a number of posts on various forums about TankadinTPS which is exactly what I'm looking for (I hope) so I'm going to give that a try tonight.

    Thanks for the link gabbu. Looks interesting. I'll have to try this out as well.

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