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Thread: Need advice/constructive criticism

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    Need advice/constructive criticism

    OK, so last night I got chucked into an Uld 25 guild raid with the comment
    "you're offtanking".

    No problem... until I got told to Tank Vezax.

    Which we managed.... somehow....

    Anyway I guess I'm just looking for advice on what to do with my gear?
    (yes I know I have uld 25 pieces in there, it's the throwaways from the
    guys who usually tank).

    and more importantly, spec, and how to manage my cooldowns like IBF and Lichborne (and my trinkets).

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thank you
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    The only REALLY important thing about Vez is that you use IBF at the beginning of his Surge of Darkness cast. If you wait until its almost over you may get out of sync with the cooldown timer. You really dont want to eat a surge without IBF. Other than that its a simple tank and spank for you. I would advise the raid to not put you on interrupts unless absolutely necessary and pay attention to the IBF cd and make sure you have the RP when needed. Other than that try to be aware where saronite is dropping so you dont out range the healers (shouldnt be a problem with a competent dropper, but sometimes you may have to move). In 10 man ive had the healers stay near me so they dont get shadow crash, that seemed pretty effective, i would just tank him right outside the green stuff and move to each new drop. Havent tried that in 25, logistics may be too high for it.

    Also he hits hard as hell. Hopefully you are blood tanking and using DS instead of HS (but dont threat cap). Be ready with tap/VB, healers slack off for even a second and its a dead tank if your not ready. Other than IBF I tend to use the rest of my cds for emergency rather than rotate them.


    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I see you arent blood tanking. If you are ever sitting in front of a boss chances are blood is going to be the way to go. Its not always true, just usually. Copy my spec for high tps (im still trying to tweak it tho). A standard 53/8/10 would be better for survivability. Rune of Repulsion is almost garbage. Replace that NOW, anything > parry (slap it in the bank tho, may be better in 3.2). Concentrate on capping hit and exp while generally upgrading gear, prob not worth gemming for. And as always, unless you feel lacking in a certain place, gem sta.
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