Greetings potential applicant,

<dont> is a horde PVE guild on US-Mannoroth (Ruin), the merger of Crimson Eclipse and Nightmares Asylum. We aim to play on the very edge of progression in Ulduar and throughout the rest of the expansion. We expect motivated applicants, people who are independent, innovative, and very driven--people who think they can outplay our current members. Our guild is very tight-knit; we enjoy a very active, fraternal membership and are excited to expand it.

Our recent progression includes:

Yogg'Saron Down 4/18 (US 4th)
Algalon 10 Down 6/10 (US 10th)


PRIESTS - (1) Holy (1) Shadow
PALADINS - (1) Holy (1) Ret
possibly a tanking death knight, speak to Shaddk in-game

Recruitment is always open for exceptional applicants!


Raid experience is clearly paramount; best applicants will have progression-oriented experience in WOTLK, TBC, and Vanilla WoW. While gear level is somewhat irrelevant, player skill is often accompanied by gear (if not the other way around). Your presence will be expected five nights a week, 730 pm EST until the raid is called, usually at midnight. Loot is awarded by council, contingent on attendance and performance. We will not award/abide flakes or bads.

If your goals, abilities, and mentality align with the above, please create a forum account, and apply. Please complete the application carefully and thoroughly; incomplete or carelessly written apps will be discarded. READ THE EXAMPLE APPS.

Applicants will be contacted within a week of applying if we are interested in what you have to offer. Any questions or concerns can be directed to me by forum pm (Mb), in-game (Mb), or to Grandir (Xaiene).

Website: D O N T - US-Mannoroth | Horde