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Thread: Ulduar Mimiron (Hard Mode)

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    I'm the Blood dps mentioned in Arca's post, like he said the issue we faced during our attempts was surviving phase 2, dps wasn't an issue, if we later run into dps problems or if a tank feels superfluous then a change of spec wont be a problem, but primarily we need to work on staying alive for the moment. I suspect positioning may be an issue, had a few ideas float around since, our next attempts will hopefully go smoother.
    Don't you just love when people that geared up in Ulduar 25 complain that Ulduar 10 isn't a challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arca View Post
    ok, my guild tried this for the first time last night and couldn't get beyond p2. our raid group consisted of warlock/mage/hunter ranged dps, pala/blood dk as melee, prot warr and frost dk as tanks and shaman/druid/holy priest as healers. any advice as to how we could possibly survive p2 blasts as it kept killing the healers. guild is strict 10-man btw, so that's the sort of level gear we are in, and only yogg and mimiron hard are left for our rusted drakes
    First of all, like Squirrelnut already said, use your best geared tank and have him solo tank the encounter - protection warrior is excellent for that due to being able to Spell Reflect tank the head in P3 as well as hold the Assault Bots while the raid burns them down.

    What comes to P2, shammy/druid/priest combo is just perfect healer composition for the fight. Have your priest spec and glyph into Holy Nova and keep the ranged group alive on the move, this is quite crucial. Druid can HoT the raid (HoTs rule on P2) and shammy can chain heal the melee and so on. What's really important is, that melee NEVER turns their back on the ranged groups - this minimizes the gun damage greatly as melee and ranged should never take damage from the same focus burst. Also, possibly even split your ranged group in two and have them positioned as far apart as it requires for the both groups not to take the same burst at the same time to further minimize the burst damage. After barrages or frost bomb evacuations, get in positions again quickly.

    When learning P2, you can also pop BL and try to get through the face as quickly as possible. Although, this requires pretty fast and flawless P3 execution as the enrage timer is kinda tight.

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    Can someone please tell me the name of the song, I really like it a lot.

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