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Thread: Missing taunts

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    Missing taunts

    Ok im in a guild doing uld 10, starting taking down hard modes.
    Now thers 2 encounters which i was part of where i had taunt issues, Thorim and IC.
    At IC im tankin 2 smaler ones and before the smalest is dead i should taunt steelbreaker to get that explode debuff
    On Thorim normal tank switch after his strike with debuff -defns
    Now im getin resisted,immune,miss.
    On Thorim today on 1 try i had 3 resists and 2 imune
    My hit rating is 264 with buff food so i am hit capped
    Now taunt is considered a spell by the game and therefore i have 8% to miss on taunt while mele hit caped
    Il gliph it for that fight and try it out but i dont think 8% chance to miss can get you 5 not workin taunts, what gives?
    And theyr not getin imune beacuse of dr as on IC when i taunt steelbreaker its the first in the pull, and on thorim same, next time i have to taunt im its 3 taunt on im used.
    Now other tank is a pally who also had missed cpl times but damnit he got less hit rating then me and his taunts were more sucsesful.
    Iv poped vigilance on im for taunt refresh but thats not solution as il miss anyways, and itl make dr which will make troubles for other tank.
    So any thoughts on it would be nice.

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    Random number generator, you are unlucky.

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    It happens...I remember during a Naxx25 Gluth fight I had something like 5 or 6 taunts resist in a row...

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    Taunt has diminishing returns. I believe the cap is 4 taunts to 1 minute. If you're spamming taunts when you only need to taunt once, you're going to hit that cap very quickly.

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    Gluth in Naxx has soft, temporary enrage in which he is immune on taunt, the small time when he gets a little bigger.
    And bout the other answer bout getin dr, as i wrote in my post its 1st and 3rd taunt that gets no effect so dr couldnt happn.
    Bad luck?On 10 tries?

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    I need testing on this, but I have the feeling that even a missed taunt starts the diminishing returns.

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    I was under the impression that taunt DR fell into the 15 second rule. I can't back that up, but that was the impression i was under.

    Don't forget the other tools you have. If your taunt misses, you still have Mocking Blow and Challenging Shout, Fire one of those off immediately(perferably Mocking Blow if there are other mobs about) and that will carry you almost till your taunt CD is off.

    I do agree that this just sounds like some bad RNG.

    Miss and immune are different by the way.

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    Ok got a idea.
    Is it posible its just a realy bad timing on taunt?
    Like when he switches target to do chain lightning, in that time he cant be stoped or interupted, what if them taunts landed in that time, would he resist taunt?

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    More likely that the other tank is chain taunting. Correct me if I am wrong, but a taunt is a taunt as far as diminishing returns. Diminishing returns are added up on the mob or boss being taunted. Not on the person applying the taunt.

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    Yeah, watch the other tank isn't using taunt as part of his rotation or something (it happens!) The DR on taunt is why you're getting 'immune'.

    Other than that, you could always glyph for the extra hit on taunt where it's very important not to get a 'resist'.
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