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Thread: OT pug ettiquette?

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    OT pug ettiquette?

    In pugs is it ok for the ot to hang back, not dps, and just wait for adds to spawn? Or does everyone expect the ot to always be dps'ing when not ot'ing?

    I ask b/c on fights that are new to me that I end up pugging, I'd prefer to hang back, focus on catching adds as soon as they spawn. When I instead fill in the gaps by dps'ing, I'm concentrating on a rotation, and sometimes miss a new spawn.

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    I don't see how this is an issue. On fights where you ''need'' an offtank, you get adds early enough that standing around for 15 seconds isn't a big deal. The only fight I can think of that ignores that rule is Kel'thuzad, and what you do then depends on how many melee you have and how good your healers are.
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    depends, what I do when off-tanking and need to wait is: keep sunders up on main target, thunderclap and if needed demo shout. Also I provide a shattering throw.

    But dps.......not really.

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    Got it, thx.

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