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Thread: Gear requirements 25 man vs. 10 man

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    Gear requirements 25 man vs. 10 man

    I have a small question for you guys and gals. I'm an off-tank for my guild currently because our MT has been with the guild forever and has slightly more health than I do. But, we are currently looking into moving up from 10-man naxx and I'm not sure which would be the easier jump. Should we jump from Naxx 10 to ulduar 10 once everyone gets full T7 or should we get enough people for Naxx 25 get T7.5 then move into ulduar 10?

    Also I'm looking to expand my experiences to more than just 10-mans and I was wondering if I had enough gear for tanking, either off or main in 25mans.

    I'm currently at 28,871hp unbuffed, with 21.08% dodge, 17.15% parry, 19.26% block, I only have one T7 piece and still got a blue or two in my inventory. I'd like my armory page but it's got my dps stuff right now. Any suggestions?

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    10 man Ulduar is the next step up from 10 man Naxx. A 10 man raid with full 25 man Naxx gear could be overgeared for at least the first parts of Ulduar, up to the Keepers I'd say.

    I think a mix of 10 and 25 Naxx gear is ideal for 10 man Ulduar, but if your guild is just 10 man Naxx-geared, you should still go straight to Ulduar. You might have a tough time at first, but learn the fights, get some gear from there, and you will progress.

    I nearly made a guild that would focus on 10 man Ulduar because I'm interested in clearing new content, but then I got recruited to a large guild that focuses on 25 man Ulduar. I think the purpose of making 2 different raid capacitied was to help smaller guilds see content the same way larger guilds do, although 25 man raids sometimes have more complex twists in the fights, it's still basically the same experience.

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    I would say its mostly going to depend on your guild. Are the 10 of you good friends that have been together a while and enjoy playing together, or just 10 random people in a guild. It could possibly spoil your dynamic to add more people and move to 25 man content. On the other hand, if everyone wants to move into 25s, then that may be the better choice. Stepping up to 25s is a big step. Not due to differences in the content(for the most part), but mainly due to the added hassle of organizing events for 25 people instead of 10.

    If you do decide to try to step up to 25s, I would say start by recruiting for a second 10 man team. If you have to, split your original 10 man into 2 5man groups and add 5 new players to each group. That way you have experienced people in each group, and it should make those groups more likely to succeed. Once you have 2 solid 10man groups, start recruiting to move into 25s.

    As far as your gear, i assume you're Ragris on Azjol-Nerub. You show in prot spec with tanking gear on, so i'll run with that. I won't pick you apart as you didn't ask for that, but i will say there are still several pieces you can get from heroics that would be upgrades, as well as colleting emblems of heroism to buy both your t7 chest and gloves. If that isn't you then just ignore all that.

    As far as tanking Naxx 25, you should be fine to start in there. I've used to tank Naxx25 with 25k unbuffed. I had more avoidance than you do, because i had better gear, but i was set up for threat/dps since 25k was sufficient for my healers to work with.

    With all the nerfs that have happened to Ulduar, you should be fine transitioning from Naxx10 to Ulduar10, provided everyone is adequately Naxx10 geared.


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    10 mans were made to hold their own for guilds who may not want to have 25 main raiders, and by that standpoint, it is 100% possible to go straight into Ulduar 10 (assuming you are well enough geared from Naxx 10) without ever touching 25 man content. I'm not going to tell you it will be as easy as having 10 Naxx25 geared folks running into Uld10, but it is most certainly possible.

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