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Thread: Arms Vs Fury (lower gear level)

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    Arms Vs Fury (lower gear level)

    Hi everyone.

    Well I figured I'm going to take a taking-break and do some DPSing for a different PoV on some fights. With that being said I'd like some input on a spec. I am currently Arms but was wondering if Fury would put out more DPS at my current gear level. You can armory me (I'll stay in my dps gear) to see what I've got.

    I'm interested to know what people think, I don't see much talk about it at the lower gear levels. Is the difference noticeable?

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    At lower gear levels, Fury seems like the way to go because you can get close to the maximum benefit by just hitting Bloodthirst/Whirlwind when they are up. Arms on the other hand makes use of every GCD, and requires a high amount of Armor Pen to start seeing some big numbers. Having another 2h weapon with Fury also pumps your stats and helps you hit the caps earlier.

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    A lot depends what you consider lower gear level. At Heroic and Naxx 10/25 man level, Arms will out dps fury. As you get to Ulduar gear level and hard modes Fury will do more damage. While it is true Arms scales very well with ARP, but even without massive amounts arms will still do decent dps with Naxx level weapons

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    I recently switched to arms, from fury on my off-spec. They get about the same dps but arms can win more percentage of the time assuming a well-skilled warrior has the same skill in both fury and arms. IMO skill plays a bigger part in which spec does more DPS. It's also preference. To me, just from experimenting and researching arms, it's more fun to use . It's all preference though, whether you prefer a raged out warrior holding 2 BFWs (big fucking weapon) in each hand, or a more precise yet very taunting warrior with one BFW.

    You can also look at it like this - Fury is more sustained, but arms is more burst.

    Fury = GAHHHHH I KILL YOU NOW!!! (throws temper tantrum)

    Arms = Let's make this quick, I haven't got all day... BAM BAM BAM.... is that all you got? ... BAM BAM!

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    i have a few uld25 and and uld10 gear, with some random pieces from nax25 still, and using a betrayer and ironsoul as fury weapons, i do more dps as arms using betrayer. fury requires quite a bit of near-bis or bis pieces for it to do more dmg.

    getting about 100 more hit rating should be your first priority for either spec, smoother rage gen for fury and for arms it means you wont be wasting gcd's/rage from misses. if you are going to stay arms, try going to a 56/15 build, dropping the 2 points in imp. execute for 2 points in weapon mastery. this will get you to the expertise cap using the 40 expertise food. drop that overpower glyph for rending since you shouldnt be getting parried while standing behind bosses, and it gets you an extra tfb proc out of each rend and allows more gcd's per fight to use on other things.

    you should see better numbers once you get those taken care of, then its just an issue of gear upgrades. but for right now, arms will be more dps for you than fury.

    |Ex Tank|


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