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Thread: Dual raiding tanking specs

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    Dual raiding tanking specs

    I've been tanking Ulduar 10-man and Naxx and have noticed that my DPS as a tank is quite a bit lower (only around 1.3k) than some good tanks I have run with who have only slightly better gear. Keep in mind that I silll pretty much only have Naxx gear. I know that DPS is not my main concern as a tank and I do pretty well with the tanking aspect, but it still bothers me a lot and I need to take that next step of really fine-tuning my talent trees. I've looked at several good warrior tanks like Ciderhelm and Kungen and have read the Prot Warrior guide and looked all over the "Halp" forum to try and find specific information and have been left unsatisfied.

    My goal is to have two tanking specs.
    One will be for tanking trash and lower level things like Naxx 10 and heroics and I think should be focused on blocking/DPS/AoE threat.
    The other will be almost exclusively built for bosses and single target situations where threat is not an issue and I pretty much just need to survive.

    This is my current build
    Armory- Dorinn

    A couple specific questions I have are:
    1) Why wouldn't you max out shield specialization for either type of spec? I have seen a lot of 2/5 for this, and for DPS/threat/AoE it seems like block is one of the most important pieces. It also seems like the extra mitigation is not optional for an avoidance build.

    2) Bloodrage- a must have or an ability of secondary importance that just makes things nicer for rage generation?

    3) Shouts- I noticed in the Warrior Q&A that these were highlighted and I guess as a warrior I should focus a lot on my warrior-specific abilities, and I certainly use commanding shout and demoralizing shout, but are they important enough to dump talent points into (Booming Voice, Commanding Presence)?

    4) For a boss-specific spec, it seems like I could save points in talents that do things like stun (Imp Revenge, Gag Order). Does this seem reasonable or are there reasons to keep them?

    Basically the way I would use my specs is switching multiple times in each raid as I go from trash to boss, though in some cases in Ulduar I would keep the "Boss Spec" active for single target or especially hard-hitting mobs. If you could show me specs that you know work well or give me specific advice on talents it would be very helpful.
    For my trash/low-level spec I plan to keep things pretty much as-is but gear for more block/crit/expertise. My main concern is my mitigation/boss spec. Thanks a lot!

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    As far as low DPS, are you maintaining your HS spam and do you have SB coupled to SS?

    1)One of the main reasons for 2/5 instead of 5/5 is the content. In heroics where things hit for 6k, blocking 1.5k is really nice. In Ulduar25 Where things hit much harder ~25k-30k, blocking 1.5k isn't really that nice.

    2)Bloodrage is nice for those avoidance streaks where you become rage starved, but i would say that improved is not required. Can be useful, but not a necessity.

    3)For trash, improved shouts shouldn't be necessary, however for boss fights they can be very handy. I believe the math for improved demo, shows a 16-19% damage reduction in boss outgoing damage, and the benefits of improved commanding shout are as obvious as a larger health bar.

    4)Remember more damage means more threat so improved revenge is still good. And gag order is more situation on boss fights. Most of them you don't need it, but it is EXCEPTIONALLY handy when doing Assembly of Iron.

    Typically 15/5/51 is acceptable for anything that doesn't require your main focus be survival. On fights where your continued existence is in question, switching to 5/15/51 is generally the way to go.

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