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Thread: Tab target problems

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    Tab target problems

    Tabbing through targets does not seem very reliable. Sometimes it will toggle through all targets before rotating back to the first one, but sometimes it will ignore one or more.

    I've currently got Tab keybound to Previous Enemy, and shift-Tab keybound to Next Enemy. Try both, but neither work reliably. Is that correct, or should I change the bind to something else?

    For example, ot'g Grobulus the other day, I had one slime add on me, and was trying to tab-target to the other that had just spawned and was going after the MT, and taunt it.

    But my target just kept alternating b/t my current slime and Grob, ignoring the one I was trying to get. After a few tries of jamming tab, I panic'd and tried to mouse-target it, but accidentally hit and taunted Grob off the mt instead.

    Luckily that separated them enough that I was able to mouse-target the slime and Deathgrip it (immune to the pull, but not the forced 3s aggro), while the mt taunted Grob back to him.

    Also, ot'ing Emaleon recently, the mt positioned him so that new adds spawned behind Emaleon, effectively LoS'ing me. I kept trying to tab target to the new adds and taunt, but my target just kept alternating b/t my current adds and Emaleon, skipping the new add. Even when I had pulled the new adds close to the mt and Emaleon, tab still wasn't picking up the new one.

    Any suggestions/solutions much appreciated.

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    Try enabling the overhead health bars for mobs that are close. Default key is V i believe. Also there is an addon called "Aloft" that can change those bars more to your liking. I know that doesn't help you with tab targeting, but it does make it much easier to click and target.

    Also tab targeting is fairly dependent on the way you are facing, I believe.

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    Ah thx, forgot about V. That does make it easier to mouse-click target, which is better than nothing.

    I do try to face the target I'm trying to tab to, but sometimes can't turn all the way without turning my back to the current mobs on me.

    Does anyone else have problems with this and have just gotten used to it? Trying to figure out if this is universal, or something i'm doing wrong.


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    Depending on the population of mobs when I'm trying to tank, tab targeting is flat out broken. Being a DK, it just means more/bigger AoEs to pick them up, but yeah I run into that a lot as well. Oh, and when I tabtarget, I also end up targeting the mob my DPS is delivering the final hits to a lot. :odges the "why no assist?!" queries::
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    Yeah, this only happens when the add I'm trying to pick up is out of range of HB/BB, and moving closer to it is difficult or slow for some reason.

    As for assist, the mt isn't targetting it anyway, just screaming at me to get it off him (or the healers, wherever it headed).

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