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Thread: War/pally 2v2 problem

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    War/pally 2v2 problem

    Hi there

    I have started to play arena the last couple of weeks with a Pally. We don't seem to have too many problems apart from when we come up against a Rogue/Priest combo. I don't have too many problems when I am fighting a rogue but it leaves the priest to mana burn my pally and when I switch to the priest it leaves my pally vulnerable to the rogue. I try to keep hamstring up at all times of course. He is spec'd heavily in prot/holy being his 2nd tree and lacks any stuns or interupts. Is there a better spec he could use like more points in holy/ret for example?

    I have tried looking around the web on war/pally stratagies but only seem to find war/druid ones. Any help would be great.

    Thank you

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    Hey, you're from my server :P

    I havn't really looked at your paladins spec properly but 20/51 seems fine, something similar to mine will work.
    Glyph wise, he wants to replace Beacon of Light and Seal of Light with Avengers Shield and Turn Evil.

    Avengers shield is crucial in this comp, with the glyph it'll be crtting for 4-6k an addition to the silence effect

    The thing you gota ask yourselves is, why is the paladin getting mana burned? Is it due to poor LoS or he has to expose himself to mana burns because the rogue is exerting too much damage?

    As often as you can, you wana be intervening your paladin and getting back on the rogue isntantly with a charge/interecept, this will enable you to get a MS off and throw out a bit of damage. At this time, your paladin should be avoiding fear bombs and mana burns and silencing the priest on the charges.

    When the priest gets low on mana, you wana make a hard switch and kill the priest with a Charge > Avenger > Int Shout to get the rogue off you > Hammer of Justice.

    As Prot/Holy, your paladin will have a 20 sec cd on HoJ and 30 second shard hitting silences.

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    I'm not sure if armory is buggin but it says ur paladin is ungemmed

    Blue sockets - +9sp +12 stam
    Yellow - He's a JC so 32sp
    Red - 19 sp

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    Hmmm not too sure if he is un gemmed, I'll check tonight. I will ask him to change glyphs and see how it goes. He had a 2200 rating in bc but hasn't done alot in wrath with a MS War so the more we practice the better we will get

    Thanks for your help

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    I play warrior + disc priest, and I find sitting on the rogue to be the best option.

    Even if you can't get MS on the rogue, your OPs will take out a big chunk of his health. If you pressure the rogue enough, the priest will have no time to burn your paladin and will be spamming heals on the rogue instead.

    If the rogue goes for you, the priest will lose the manawar because you have much higher burst (we might get sit on by rogues in 1v1, but it's not the case in arena).

    If the priest gives the rogue pain suppression, quickly swap to the priest and try for a kill.

    Also, if you can zerker rage out of a sap quick enough, bloodrage + demo shout can catch the rogue for a charge, which can be a game changer.

    Oh and save trinket for blind, of course.
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    I'm no gladiator been stuck at 2k for a long time now - but I do play your comp and I pretty much always go on the priest. I can kill a priest before a rogue can kill my pali. If they're a good priest/rogue the rogue sticks to me forcing me to go on him - remember that retaliation is OP vs rogues keep rend up on him and piercing howl. Look for opportunities after a fresh piercing howl to charge across the room to the priest. Got to keep the priest on the defensive. Make sure your pali is aware when you're going to bladestorm - stun/silence on healer coordinated w/BS + just standing on top of you when you're bladestorming is the best peel ever of course he has to be careful NOT to stand on top of you the rest of the time so he doesn't eat a fear.

    The comps I least like to see are DK/healer and mage/rogue. Granted most mage/rogues sub 2k don't coordinate making their comp kind of worthless but a good mage/rogue.

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