Pretty straight-forward. Could I start in Uld10?

Things I know need improvement:

Trinkets: I've been farming AN for the Essence, but no luck in 10 days. Will try again tomorrow. I just got enough badges for the 40 heroism trinket, so I will be picking that up tonight.

Chest & Cloak Enchant: If I ever get the AN trinket I'll be able to drop the Seal of the Pantheon and make up the missing defense with a chest defense and cloak defense enchant. Until that trinket drops I'm not too concerned with swapping those chants out.

Spec: I know I have 2 extra points into Shield Spec and was considering swapping them out into Cruelty, is that worth the respec?

I feel like my +hit is low (and it probably is) but I don't feel that I'm missing out on too much because my expertise is at 26. How important is hit? Should I just be waitin' on the gear to drop with +hit on it.

I do also have a few pieces of gear that I can swap out/around. Those pieces are mainly neck, chest, and shield. (I'll have to post links to the gear options, but the neck is the reward from 10 man Maly, and the shield is the Skull of Ruin. I believe the chest is the Massive Skeletal Ribcage)

How is everything else? Glyphs, Avoidance Stats, Armor, HP... Lastly I would probably be tanking a guilds "alt" run so I wouldn't be pugging. I'm more concerned with my stats being survivable at making an attempt or if there are things I should be working towards first?