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Thread: Is my resto build fail?

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    Is my resto build fail?

    Hey this is my first time posting on these forums and i need some advice.

    So my friend told me that his friend who has a resto druid who is raiding Ulduar 25 looked at my armory recently and said that my Resto talent build was horrible and probably the worst he's ever seen on an 80.

    And I personally haven't seen anyone else with it, so is it bad? And if so any suggested builds.

    I have successfully healed Naxx 10, OS10/25, Voa 10/25 with it and not gotten any complaints.
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    It's not terrible. I think there would be things I'd change though. I question the need for reduced cast time on HT, and I think Tranquil Spirit is a bit of a waste of 5 points - none of the three spells effected should really be your main 'go to' abilities.

    Personally I'd take those 8 points and put them in Shapeshifting and fill out Gift of the Earthmother, which affects more useful spells.

    You could also ditch three points from resto (probably Revitalize, its not that great) and put them into Balance for the extra casting speed from Nature's Grace.

    I am a bit surprised you're glyphing Nourish - quite a few druid healers don't seem to like that spell much. Consider Lifebloom or Wild Growth or Regrowth as alternative options.
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    Thanks for advice, i've been wondering what I was smoking when i put 3 in Revitalize. Nourish is generally my main healing move on tanks, I'll generally put down Rejuv., 2 stacks of Lifebloom, and then a regrowth the first time tank takes damage on a pull.

    EDIT: Re-specced to what i feel is a much better build - i found myself with 2 extra pts. i ended up popping into Tranquil Spirit.
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