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Thread: I need a little gearing advice.

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    I need a little gearing advice.

    Over all I think my gear is pretty well where I want it to be but as we all know it can always be better. As it sits I have pretty good over all avoidance but at the same time I wanna be able to dish out threat as much as possible in as little time as possible. My rotation could not be any better I use the most commonly accepted prot pally rotation. I believe my threat issues are more of a gearing problem... maybe if I could compare some stat weights of some of the other Raiding prot paladins I could better plan my self for the adjustments I need to improve.

    My armory is below if anyone has any suggestions or anything please just lay it on me. Be harsh if you have to but I need the best advice I can get.

    for some reason Armory is being really lame and wont let me find my toon.

    Well the Info is Alistor on the Ghostlands server.

    anyways thanks in advance guys.

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    Is this you?


    If so its all coming together nicely. A couple of changes, enchant the cloak, update the patch on the legs and if you want threat change the enchant on the hands and the sword too.

    Glyphs - I would drop RD, we have a second taunt now so misses aren't as dramatic. Pick up SoV glyph its our best Threat glyph and the best per itempoints around. Secondly the Judgment glyph is better then HotR for Threat and HotR is only good for trash, I personally don't think its worth glyphing for trash.

    Apart from that... your gear looks like a bit of a mix and match. I don't know if you are in specific suit or if this is your all purpose suit. BR really isn't a great stat for us, we have so much through talents and procs that a lot of the time having it on gear is just wasted point. Additionally BV is a really average stat, if you have other options go for it.

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    yeah that's me. and yes this is my only real gear set. I haven't been able to raid as much as I'd like to so it makes gearing near impossible. lately my AoE isn't generating as much threat as I'd like I keep losing aggro fairly fast.
    I just don't get it

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    Hi there!

    Two things strike me...

    1. Wrong enchant on mainhand. If you want threat, then go for Formula: Enchant Weapon - Accuracy - Item - World of Warcraft since you have really low hit.

    2. Drop divinity as a talent since it won't do much for you anyway and go for crusade.


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