I've been a long time raiding hunter, and leveled a warrior during pre-Wrath down time. Now I play him quite a bit, but have some issues.

First, tanking. I have OT all of Naxx 25, and MT several parts of it. I have also OT'ed up to XT in Uld 10. Most of this is done in pugs, as I normally do guild runs on my hunter. I know the basics about both tanking and dps, but I'm still shaky on some.

My concern is whether or not my gear is ok to MT Uld 10. My weapon and shield bother me the most. I have had terrible luck with weapon drops for both prot and dps.

Second issue: In Arms, my dps fluctates terribly. Some raids, I'm top 3 or 4, and some I'm near the bottom of the dps. I had Wrath Spear, and recently replaced it with Black Ice. I'm not sure if this was an upgrade though. The dps warrior spread sheet says yes, but then the sorting page shows Black Ice way below a lot of 200 level weapons. I know what my priority should be, and I make a point to never waist a cool down if I have the rage.

I logged out last in prot gear, so for the dps portion, most of my gear is Naxx25 level. Any ideas on wether I'm ready to MT Uld 10 or which 2H is best would be appreciated.