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Thread: Need advice on tank trinkets

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    Need advice on tank trinkets

    I need advice on whether its worth pursuing the time to get the Seal of Pantheon from HOL reg. I have been unsucessful in getting this to drop so far and am a little tired of running this instance over and over.

    I currently have the trinket bought with heroic emblems, Valor Medal of the First War, which provides dodge rating.

    The reason i ask this question is i am currently running 10-man Naxx content and as i get Tier 7 items i am having difficulty keeping my defense at 540 without playing around with gems and rings. When i had blues, my defense was 545-550, but as i have replaced them with Tier 7, it takes a lot of configuring to keep my defense at the 540 minimum for raiding.

    My link is: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks in advance for any responses.


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    You could try farming out the pants from H VH, I believe they have 86 Defense. You could also switch your meta out for the 21Def/+5%SBV, its not ideal, but you can use it as a stopgap measure. If you have to throw a couple +def gems in to tide you over. On my server yellow and blue gems are super cheap, so its an easy enough way to close the gap on gear during a transitional phase.

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    If your running 10man Naxx already, I'd go for the Repelling Charge(+84 def).

    That will give you alot more wiggle room with your gear and staying above 540.

    You have EoG, so that's a nice STA boost. If I recall the Repelling Charge drops off Thaddius. I'd vest the time in Naxx, your in there anyways. I still use mine for the extra def. Good trinket.

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    Thanks for responses. With regard to pants from H VH, i just seem to be unlucky with drops. I have run H VH everyday for the last 3 weeks and no pants drop yet. They are nice though so ill keep at it.

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