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Thread: Need some clearing up/advice for avoidance

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    Need some clearing up/advice for avoidance

    So.. Here's my dilemma.. I'm an 80 prot warrior, and a MT/OT for my guild. We are doing mostly end game atm, such as Ulduar and 25 man ToC. I've looked for the past 2 days on the web, at all different sites for new information post 3.2 patch on diminishing returns on parry and dodge for us and was unable to find much at all about post 3.2. Since 3.2, they said that they have evened out parry and dodge to work together, 1:1... I read last night it used to be 1.83:1... So... Here's my stats... I just gemmed full avoidance last night, as I had all stam stacked but the healers said I was too squishy on fights like Hodir.

    Defense @557
    Dodge @ 24.66 (456 rating)
    Parry @ 19.69 (244 rating)
    Block @ 25.71 (171 rating)
    Hit @ 227 (6.92%)
    Expertise @ 23 (5.75%)
    And my HP, since i took all my stam gems out, is sitting at ~31k unbuffed.

    Here's my Armory, hopefully it will update with the new gems/gear that I just got.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So I guess what I want to know, what is the DR for parry and dodge for us now post 3.2? And is there a soft cap? And are the gems I put in the gear gonna make me better overall, or is the old fashioned stam stacking still the way to go? Using a macro, it says that im at 79.73% avoidance.. from 102.4% im still a ways off.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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    My views

    Dodge is still better than parry as far as I know, there are some topics around this forum that prove how, I don't know how off the top of my head.

    As for stats, I usually aim for (in priority):

    I still think block is completely useless =\

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