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Thread: TPS spec for Unholy question

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    TPS spec for Unholy question

    Hey guys, I'm a first time poster. I leveled as unholy tank and don't generally have any issues holding threat but I am continually trying to improve here and there. I have been looking at making some spec changes to improve both dps and tps and wanted to get some input from you guys.

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    What I'm looking at is giving up some of the unholy abilities I generally don't use while tanking such as SG and CE. I'm also weighing the dps/tps advantage/disadvantage of Necrosis/BCB over Impurity, bladed armor or improved Icy touch. I know these can be very gear dependent but as a general rule would the trade off be worth it in the long run. Thanks in advance for any input.


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    Take Necrosis, Impurity, Bladed Armor full.

    If unholy tank you do not need IIT and usually the Blood tree is a better subspec.

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