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Thread: Anyone tried aoc lately?

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    Anyone tried aoc lately?

    Long story short i quit wow some time ago since i turend into a person spending to much time "discussing" tank related topics rather then playing the game. Didn't realise i was actually bored of the game and was substituting all my spare "wow time" to read forums.

    Any way i resently resubbed to aoc and rolled a guardian and maybe it's the break from mmo's, but the feeling of guardian tanking was just awsome. It remided me somewhat of the joy i had on my warrior before patch 3.0. Regular group pulls needed consentration and everyone in the group had to pull their own weight to survive. Sadly alot of the info on the class is from the games glory days ( thanks Cider for the guides) so i'm just here to check if there is some more old info and to ask if anyone else have tried the game lately?

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    not in awhile. i played for a month or so when it first came out. started good then got meh...i do like the combat in it, was very fresh and interesting.

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