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Thread: Prot warrior - Issues tanking.

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    Prot warrior - Issues tanking.

    Well first of all during boss fights i have been basicly usually when im tanking a boss im ahead but not by much and they are always behind me by maybe 15-20% and my usual rotation is pop bloodrage, Beserker, Shield block then charge in to, Shieldslam, Revenge, thunderclap, Concussion blow, and repeat, i throw in heroic strikes every little while if im at 100rage. also question about my gemming should i stack something else or keep gemming stam, i heard to gem for expertise, but what about after should i go back to stam.

    If you see anything wrong with anything else like my glyphs and specs please post
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    Not having Devastate in your rotation is limiting your Sword and Board Procs. I would keep the primary Shield Slam->Revenge->Devastate rotation and include Shockwave and Concosive blow in as appropriate (there is a post on the rotation somewhere here on the site with a nice graphic to show it). when you need to dump rage queue heroic strike... I have it queued almost 100% on most boss fights. TC as needed to keep the debuff up. and when Shield block is avail pop that for bigger hits on Shield Slam. I usually keep a nice lead over the DPS when I tank though some of the fights where kiting is involved they can start riding me. You might want to consider ditching the glyph of last stand and grabbing the Glyth of Devastate.
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    In Ulduar you really dont have a choice other than stam gemming the hits are just too big ... Survival > Threat.

    As suggested throw devasate via the rotation

    And spam heroic strike a bit more but thats about it you will need to get a few more gear drops before you worry about changing things for threat.
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