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Thread: TPS generation

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    TPS generation

    I MT and OT for my guild. Depending on if the Dedicated MT is feeling lazy and i MT Everything in pugs. I do OK but i know i should be pulling more TPS.
    If i just throw a simple Rotation out there i can pull 3.5-4k. And if i spam shit and keep stuffing going 24/7 i can pull 5k TPS but Thats kinda a bitch. I know my gear isnt the best but RNG hates me. Any help gearing/Enchating/Spec/Rotation Wise would be absolutly Amazing.

    I am Novalee of Bouderfist US and I will love ya for some advice

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    As blood its quite crucial to keep Icy Touch + Plaque Strike up ALL the time on the boss ( so your Hearth strike will do more dmg)

    With your talents, i see you got 52/8/11 ( Why using 1 point in Vicious strikes) Its only 3% more crit on your Plaque strike if i am right ( correct me if im mistaken)

    Your gear enchants the only things i could think of are:

    *37 stam + 20 defense on your head ( argent crusade)
    *20 dodge + 15 defense rating on your shoulders ( Sons of hodir rep)
    *Maybe the +10 stats on your chest ( but if youre doing Naxx25 you will get a new chest soon)
    *Your hands with +2% threat and 10 parry rating ( enchanting)
    *22 stam on your boots (enchanting)
    And since you are a enchanter enchant your rings with 24 stam

    These are the things i could think of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novalok View Post
    And if i spam shit and keep stuffing going 24/7 i can pull 5k TPS but Thats kinda a bitch

    Do it until you don't think it's a bitch anymore The more I spam buttons (to have them fire off as soon as GC is done) and the more I focus on keeping a tight rotation, the higher my TPS is (obviously).

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