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Thread: Threat issues

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    Threat issues

    I have been trying to improve my inner warrior . My warrior is an alt who primarily runs with a 10 man ulduar team. I do not roll against main members of the guild, ergo my loot options are second hand/pass type items.
    I have noticed that I struggle with threat on boss encounters. I have no problem on trash or multi-target pulls. I have worked to get my expertise up to 22 through gemming, and am contemplating getting it higher with enchants or other changes.

    I have noticed that if I get a good headstart. I can hold agro … Barely. However, If anyone ‘catches me .’ I can’t regain agro without taunting, mocking blow and intervene for the rest of the fight. (If those are even possible on the fight in question)

    I ran a test last night, I took a small team to naxx 10 and did patchwork to get a clean log to view. (My Warrior name is Gooal) Wow Web Stats
    These results are in line with what I would normally see on a boss fight. Also, it’s worth mentioning – I have practiced and practiced my rotation (The lovely flow chart SS > Rev > Dev > etc).

    I’d appreciate some candid feedback on improving my rotation, Expertise or +hit.

    Thank you,
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    A couple of tips.

    1. Use HS
    2. Put vigiliance on the top DPS in your raid
    3. Do concussion blow and shockwave after you have 5 sunders on your target (not before you have SS and revenge of course, always have those on CDs first).

    Edit: oh yeah one more thing, when you charge in, put up shield block before you do shield slam to double your BV for 10 secs. Do this as often as possible.

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    If you aren't using Rhinolicious Wormsteak, that's a quick and cheap way to increase your expertise to the soft cap (you have 22 at the moment, and the soft cap is 26 -- the food buff gives you 40 expertise rating, which equals about 4 expertise skill)

    Unless you're rage starved (which you shouldn't be on fights like patch) you'll want to use heroic strike every single GCD. A good way to do this is to bind heroic strike to your mouse wheel and then just roll your mousewheel constantly the whole fight (if you bind it to mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down you don't even have to move the wheel too much). I think the parse you linked had 33 "white damage" swings that could be translated into Heroic Strikes!
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    Thanks for the suggestion on the food. I am usually lazy and just eat fish featst. Would you re-gem/re-enchant any items or stick with the food change?

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    By looking at your WWS and comparing to how mine usually looks:

    • Like above posters suggested, on Patchwerk almost every white hit should be a HS.
    • You're not using Shockwave, add it into your rotation It does as much damage as Concussion Blow does.
    • You used 39 revenges and only 29 Shield Slams. That's kind of strange, unless you were using an UA build during that WWS. By the looks of it, you should keep a better track of your Shield Slam CD and S&B procs.
    • Not really threat related, but make sure to keep Thunder Clap debuff up

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    Thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated. I'll work on it !

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    could always look into the glyph of vigilance as well if you can sacrifice one of your major runes.

    Glyph of Vigilance
    5 sec castYour Vigilance ability transfers an additional 5% of your target's threat to you.Glyph of Vigilance
    5 sec castYour Vigilance ability transfers an additional 5% of your target's threat to you.transferrs an extra 5% percent threat.

    i will normally jump it around depending on the mob, single target = highest single target threat generator aoe = highest aoe caster.

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