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Thread: I need help with gems/other tips

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    I need help with gems/other tips

    I need help with how to gem and if I have a bad spec.
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    Im about to start doing Ulduar. And I want to be on my A-Game!

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    Gear looks good! First and foremost this is very important, you need to work on your JC. Its your profession and a very benificial one for tanks for a reason. The trinket and prismatic sockets. IMO its the biggest imporvement you can make. BY FAR! Spend an afternoon mining and prospecting to get to 400 JC. When and if you get there, drop the stam off the shield and replace w/def. you will need the extra avoidance.

    Be advised, they hit hard in Ulduar, real hard be prepared to pop CD's, have the proper food buff (+str, +agi) and flask.

    Overall it looks good.

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    The parry gem in chest doesn't :-)

    You may want to consider straight stam gemming meeting only the req of your meta the ulduaar hard hitters are 20-30K.
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