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Thread: I want to Tank Ulduar 10

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    I want to Tank Ulduar 10

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    above is my Armory. I need to know if with my current setup I can MT/OT Ulduar10. I also want to know if I gemed/enchanted my gear well. Is my spec ang glyphs ok? Frost is my tanking spec. I really need advice on this. I don't want to make it hard on the healers. Please help

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    Your gear is fine, although you might want to get a couple of stam trinkets and the tanking sigil.

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    I agree your well geared and your spec has all the necessaries. Your glyphs are not the "standard" frost tank set of glyphs but maybe yours fit your playstyle better. Unbreakable Armor, Oblit, and Howling Blast are what I use.

    I'm also of the opinion that stamina gems are the best way to go for all gear and in all slots regardless of bonus. But there is certainly nothing wrong with what you have done either. Your enchants look solid.

    I'm sure you won't make it hard on the healers, but the bosses are sure going to try. Good Luck.

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