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Thread: Pvp Profession

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    Pvp Profession

    Just need help im currently a skinner,leatherworker on rogue.

    Would it be worth dropping skinning for engineering? or is enginerring as bad as everyone is saying for pvp

    What owuld be the best pvp Profession atm, and for 3.2

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    What are you doing? Mostly BGs or arena?

    Engineering lost a lot of it's power for rogues, for one Nitro Boots don't work in Arena also the helmet does no longer have the stealth detection bonus. It's still fun in BGs though and with the patch coming the boots are like 5 seconds, which is freaking long.

    Can't go wrong with JC, still strong. Uh yeah.

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    Yeah mostly for arena`s, bg`s is already a playground for rogue, allthought extra toys be fun

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