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Thread: Tank Roster

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    Tank Roster

    My guild has had attendance problems, to continue with progression we found another guild at our level of progression with similar issues and there has been a merger. This has left us with an excess of Raiders and 3 main spec tanks. Most fights in Ulduar require only 2 tanks, how would you handle raid composition for 1-2 tank fights if you had more than 2 main spec tanks and there are DPS on standby. Do you make them sit or switch specs? How do you decide who sits?

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    It would really depend on loot imo. If you have a tank that doesn't need anything off a particular boss and your raid would benefit from having some extra DPS for the fight I'd say go for it. For the most part I feel like it will be situational.

    We typically have four tanks in raid at one time: 3 that can go off-spec DPS and one that goes holy. If we happen to have people on sit out for a boss our RL will typically ask the raid as a whole to send him a tell if anyone would be willing to sit out for someone else to jump in for a kill or two.

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    It all depends on the players really. I run with 4 tanks in my roster, 1 of each class. All of us have off spec gear to switch if required but I usually MT. Myself (DK), our druid tank and warrior all have DPS off specs/sets. The pally has a holy set. Mix and match, sit people if they don't cry about it, rotate people in. You'll be able to find the balance.

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    My guild has no fewer than 4 geared tanks at any one time. We have an over abundance of tanks and they all know we dont designate a MT until the fight. We rotate through as we have a large roster and aggressive schedule. Attendance is not mandatory, but you do want to show a little loyalty to your consistent raiders, as they often are the best geared.

    I personally, am not a fan of a Designated GUILD MT. They often get big heads and assume they are in a position of authority when they are not the Raid leader. Having a guild MT often limits your raid days and content you can attempt unless they are always available. Our loot system is by EPGP so our loot is spread evenly amongst our most active players.

    In regards to over attendance, go by a sign up list. First come first serve. Simple and fair. Being able to committ in advance should always be rewarded.

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    Dual spec is there for a reason. It should be used.

    All of our 3 tanks (DK, War, Pally) have DPS sets and specs. Our Kitty druid gets priority on any extra tanking gear and he tanks a fair bit in the absence of others.

    Like the others have said, give everyone a chance to do each boss. This ensures that each tank knows each job on each boss as well.

    Main Tank is such a Vanilla WOW concept. Ditch it.

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    If you have a lot of raiders (i.e. dps) who are on a rotation, your tanks should also be.
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    We my guild is in a odd situation, we have 4 or 5 tanks. One takes breaks all the time but has been there since the guilld formed, another Warrior that is the most geared, the tanking officer a pally, a DK that has been a long time member and me the newest addition. They try to rotate us all but seem to count on the best geared warrior and tanking officer for most fights even thou, w/me being newer to the guild I had the most Ulduar experience.
    I am fighting hard for a spot and do w/e they ask. I had a bad situation where I got hacked/guild split and merger and lost a few weeks so others out gear me now. Hopefully it works out, but all in all I like the people and guild, and I will wait my turn.
    With the way guilds are with tanks and trust in fights its refreshing to see how others handle these situations.

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    we have 4 tanks in guild and we run uld25 with 3 tanks, all tanks have dps dual spec, 1 with holy.

    If we are attempting hardmodes, I will get tanks to sit out for a real dps/healer. If we are just killing the boss, I don't really care because all tanks are at 100% attendance which is much better than most of the dps, so they deserve to come.

    If you have a lot of raiders (i.e. dps) who are on a rotation, your tanks should also be.
    agree with this, tanks are not special.

    However, when there are 35 people online to raid, I'd ask 1 tank to sit out. First i'll ask which tank wants to volunteer to sit out (usually there's 1 or 2), if no one wants to, I will check if anyone not need loot, last thing is to /roll.

    The tanks who stayed will probably be asked to sit out next time when we need a tank to sit out.

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    just let them deside...we usually run with the 2 best suited tanks for the encounter on progress (war/druid), else I usually sit out so that the others can get gear...we have a rotation with dkp also, if there is a boss with items 2 tanks need the one with least dkp usually sits out, not because the RL tells him to but because he is not a retard =D. but lets face it in toc(25HC) we have druids>paladins>warriors>DK:s making the progress kind to the first 2 classes.
    Most of us have 2xtankspecks and 100% attendence... in a farm raid going 3-4 tanks doesent really matter tbh.

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