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Thread: Hit-rating for tanking and a trinket question.

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    Hit-rating for tanking and a trinket question.


    First of all, it feels kinda needy to start my posting with a question but it's been bugging me for quite a while.

    As i've ran my way through naxx 10, 25, OS, EoE and Ulduar 10 I've noticed alot of tanking gear actualy lacks hit-rating, there are ways to compensate for it, i.ex. Enchants, gems or actualy picking the gear that does have the hit, however, having to hold onto some HC gear to stay high on hit-rating and loose tons of HP / Avoidance feels kinda bad, but yes, just because the item-lvl is higher doesnt really mean the item is bound to be better in all aspects.
    I'd love to be hit-capped but is it worth to sacrifice avoidance from gems to reach the hit-cap?
    Seeing that none of my tier 8 or tier 8.5 pieces provide me any hit i've actualy thrown a hit-gem onto my belt, gotten the accuracy on my wep along with the 20-hit rating enchant onto my gloves.

    The World of Warcraft Armory (Hopefully it'll show my tank gear, I did log out in it but armory doesn't seem to like me alot)

    Anyhow, if armory is acting up i'll post my actual stats:

    Health: 31284 Unbuffed
    Hit Rating: 152
    Defense: 554 (Will bring me to my next question, see below)
    Dodge: 23.94%
    Parry: 17.98%
    Block: 20.13%
    Expertise: 14 (24 with the seal on)
    Resilience: 15 (Shoulder enchant for stamina)
    Armor: 24285 (Without aura)

    Now for the actual hit rating, I am able to swap out Hero's Surrender for Royal Crest of Lordaeron, which would grant me 25 extra hit and more defense, however at the cost of avoidance, tho it's only 0.5% dodge and 0.3% parry and of course block value would suffer from it.
    To conclude it, should I worry so much about the hit-rating? I mean, starting a fight with a "Miss" or two isnt the best way to gain threat.

    And as for the high defense rating, as you can see I also got a def-gem in the boots, reason for this is that I was thinking of replacing the Repelling Charge for the Essence of Gossamer, however once again, would it be worth it? Setting my def back to 540, lowering my avoidance for health.
    I don't know if having more health unbuffed would help me that much, it has happen that healers havent been able to keep me up on Malygos but i suspect slack and the 3025 Health bonus on use is a nice "Oh shi" button since protadins got no "last stand" skill.

    Hope this is clear enough, it's 4 am after all so my brain is kinda half-asleep, if anything is unclear feel free to let me know and I'll fill you in on it.

    Thanks in advance
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    While hit rating is nice, and may be necessary in the future I find it optional for us tankadins since we have amazing threat generation right now. So unless you have a dps riding you all the time even with threat reducing cds/talents, don't worry about it. Though I will point out that if you start to see huge threat numbers, you can justify grabbing a glyph of salvation... which I find amazing when I can open up a 25% gap.

    As for the trinket, I could see going either way on that currently, as it is really all about keeping balanced. Though since your dodge/parry seems a bit low, I would stick with the repelling charge for now.

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    Something to consider:

    Hit cap is 8ish% (most go to 9% to be safe), but that his MELEE hit. We have a few abilities that work off Spell hit (notably our taunt), but 9% melee hit works out to about 11+% spell hit, whereas the spell cap is about 17%. It's amusing to me that even warrior taunts work on spell hit.

    Having said that, for an empirical test, pick up Grim Toll - Item - World of Warcraft from nax25 or Pyrite Infuser - Item - World of Warcraft from FL and run around something easy like nax25, and see if your threat is any better from your parse, without worrying about survivability.

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    Melee hit is maxed at 8.2%. If you have a drenai along with the bonus 1% to hit, you are good at 7.2%. I don't have a source at hand, but I am pretty sure that while taunts used to be based on spell hit, they are not anymore and melee hit covers us now.

    Gemming or enchanting for hit makes more sense than using inferior gear because of +hit. Your first priority is to survive. An easily swapped piece like a +hit trinket is indeed very handy. While farming Naxx25 for the first half of the year, I always used two dps trinkets. =]

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    I have considered of actualy swap a tank trinket for a dps one but then again, yes it would work on farmed bosses, but i kinda want it all-together, hit and surivivability when we're in ulduar, guess that's kinda too much to ask for.
    But then again on bosses such as Malygos or Hodir i just know that once a warlock gets the proper buffs i need to keep my threat up through the roof and seeing a MISS! is like, ouch. (Kinda up to them to manage their threat also but warlocks cant really dump threat more than once)

    But thinking logicaly and as mentioned, spell hitcap is 17%, affected by misery or imp. ff from boomkins (right?), so to hitcap my judgements / exor i'd need a huge amount of hit which would probably munch away my survivability

    Wouldn't mind a deep prot talent with a chunk of hit in it : o

    Also while im at it, hearing that my dodge and parry are abit low, what avoidance stat-numbers should I aim for?
    I know parry got the worst DR when it comes to avoidance but haven't thought too much into it since i've not been that lucky with tank drops apart from the tier tokens.

    Thanks in advance

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